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600 Days – Now I Had a Personal Reason

KTC Logo PurpleMy journey with smokeless started when I got caught smoking in the bathroom at work.That night I went to the c-store and looked over the tobacco products.They had a 2 can pack of Kodiak for 50 cents and I bought it.Little did I know how damn hard it is to stop using this crap.

My wife had no problem with me using Kodiak. It was no problem with the stinky breath,the yellow teeth, or the spilled spitters. Life with smokeless was going fine for 28 years until one day.I went out to a restaurant with the family.While I was chewing on my food there was a hard chunk(a tooth fell out)Now I had a personal reason to quit.

Finding KTC I read about people actually quitting tobacco. Not much of support group joiner I lurked and quit 600 days ago. My dip rage was aimed at my wife’s family and caused problems.I couldn’t keep my rage under control about how fucked up her family was (at least before I could keep my mouth shut). After 30 days things mellowed out but I still had one trigger-when my wife got mad at me I felt like chucking it all and buying a can.

I don’t think about smokeless for days now and would like to thank the guy who started KTC. I was too young to get dentures!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member dougsum

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