A Chance Meeting

QwitterAs we battle our addiction with fellow members of the QSX Community we build bonds which will last for years.  I can honestly say that the members of my quit group (October 2006 for those keeping track) are some of my best friends in the world.  I was even lucky enough to meet one of them back in 2007 in St. Louis.  In fact, there are quite a few times when quitters get together and meet one another, share stories and build those bonds.  The vast majority of those meetings are planned and up until last weekend ALL of the folks I’ve met had been at planned meets.

I was in Milwaukee for a bachelor party and was on my way out of one bar on my way to another.  I happened to be wearing my Qwitter t-shirt as I have a tendency to do (cause I’m a walking billboard for  On my way out, I saw a guy sitting at the bar who was looking at me and he stopped me on the way out and said, “Hey… I do that!”  I had absolutely no idea what the hell he was talking about until I figured out that he was referring to my shirt.  He was a fellow quitter! I can honestly say that this was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had.  I unfortunately didn’t have too much time to hang out and talk but to see someone else out there fighting that same fight is always awesome.  Just remember folks… we’re in this together!

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