2009 HOF Speeches

A Little Late With the HOF Speech

zman2277 avatarIS it time to write this damn thing?

My HOF speech is far overdue in the eyes of my March brothers and the crap dealt was well deserved.

It all started on a baseball field when chewing I thought was to be cool…Hot shot to the shortstop, he makes a great play, throws the runner out and swallows the freshly packed Copenhagen in his lip.
The rest of the game I spent firing puke all over the back of the dugout…..good times….good times.

Any smart individual would say, he must have learned his lesson…..right. It was cool, don’t you understand, this stuff can’t hurt me and I can quit any time I feel like it. And everybody’s doing it. So what could hurt by one more chew…..idiot.

Forward twenty some years…I have a beautiful wife, two wonderful kids, and I HAD (and I say had because I’m soooo done with this shit) an addiction to Copenhagen. This fight with my addition would be on and off for many years, just like a booger on your figure you just can’t flick off. Many times as I would head to work, coaching, baseball/umping I would have to find my dear friend to come with me. If not I would stop somewhere, even if I might make me late to pick up my sweet bitch. I did whatever a good addict would do to satisfy my craving. What a waste of my time and my life and everyone that cared for me lives.

Something had to change and in a dream (really no shit in a dream) December 17 was going to be my day that would forever change my life. A day that was going to be so different then all the other times I tried before, this time I was truly done chewing. No more half assed quit. But how was a weak minded idiot going to that…enter Kill the Can and the March group. And thank God that it did. Let me tell you, you can lose your quit and your family will forgive but you lose your quit in March 2009, forget about it. I did not want to be Greg or Hydro’s bitch for letting the group down. No way. The group puts responsibility into your quit, there is no other option, and you will stay quit.

At least that’s how I saw it. But whatever I’m still quit and will be forever, thanks the March group and KTC.

Now can I please get into the HOF now?


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member zman2277

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