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free-at-last avatarFellow Quitters,

When you join KTC, you are joining a very committed support group for quitting tobacco. The only problem is, when you join you must remember one thing. We will give you all the support in the world that you’ll ever need for quitting, but it will not help anything unless you are willing to accept that support and use it for your benefit.

So many times we have someone join the KTC Support Group and post roll for several days and then leave, probably to go cave or something. Then we’ll have some who will refuse to ask for or give out phone numbers for fellow quitters. This is telling us that you really don’t need the support we are willing to give. Then you’ll have some who will have plenty of numbers but won’t call anyone when they are in a craving position. This also means they are not fully committed to quitting. My friends, this is not some sort of joke website. This is serious stuff. This is something that will save your life (and/or protect your property) If you think you don’t need numbers, think again. I have probably at least 10 numbers of my fellow quitters. Knowing that at the tips of my fingers I have the support power of 10+ veteran quitters is enough for me to realize that this is one heck of a support group . If this site was to ever crash or something (which God forbid it ever should) what would you do? If you are gone from the site and you badly need a chew, but have no way to contact anyone, what are you going to do? Are you just gonna cave? Are you gonna throw away many days quit, just to replace it with the cancer crap? When you know full well that you could have prevented it by calling a brother? Please, please, please, get numbers, use them, save your life. Like I said before, this quitting support group is serious. We’re not here just to help you quit for a few days and go back to dipping, we’re here for the long haul! To succeed in quitting you must use all the resources available to you. Leave no stone unturned in your quest for Freedom from Tobacco. If you want a number, just email or PM me or anybody else on here and they’ll be more than happy to help. I have never been a great counselor, but I am a good listener.

Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. Matt. 26:41

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member free-at-last!

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Santosh Kumar Rai
Santosh Kumar Rai
6 months ago

The personal stories of quitters and chewers have been so motivating and inspiring that one can easily quit this addiction.
I shall never ever forget your grace and mercy.
Although, I was badly beaten up by the members of my family. Sometimes mother, sometimes second wife, sometimes her brother, even a number of times by my father, almost everyone that used to look down upon me because of my addiction turned into a worse enemy when they came to know about the quit. But hon’ble Mr Chewy, every blow and every abuse of theirs made me more confident and i didn’t surrender before the satan of addiction on the Holy Name of Lord Jesus Christ.
My mom died, though she had predicted that I would never quit chewing tobacco. I did.
A big salute to America and its people. I owe you my tobacco free life.
My wife doesn’t let my only son mix up with me, she says that he may be spoilt.
Whatsoever, let the world turn foe, I’ll remain adamant and determined.
Lots of love and hugs to KTC.
Happy World No Tobacco Day.
Hon’ble founder of KTC,
You are a Messiah.
You deserve awards and cash prize worth millions and millions of dollars.🙏🙏❤️❤️
December 28, 2018 was the last day when I had chewing tobacco.
1250 days without chewing tobacco.❤️❤️

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