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Accountability – Post Often. Get Involved. Go All In.

7iron avatarAccountability

This site provides that in spades. Use this site completely. Read everything. Post often. Get involved.

Making sure you have the phone numbers of some quit brothers in case of an emergency is also an excellent idea, but there is more …

Every day send someone here a PM.

Every week make one phone call.

By so doing, you will foster friendships, offer/obtain encouragement, gain knowledge and above all, you will increase your chances of success by a factor of ten.


Investment. Invest your time and energy into quitting. Not just your quit, but others’ quits too. Go “all in”. Get to the point where you have so much invested that you cannot bear to cave … you have too much to lose.

And someone who has this much to lose is bound to take measures to protect that investment. One thing I did was tell everyone, even strangers, that I quit. Why? Simple … to making caving such an embarrassing proposition that I never even considered it.

Send a PM or make a phone call today. Invest. Go “all in”.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member 7iron

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