A Whiff of Success

Poker Game SetupI was playing poker the other night with my regular group.  My standard poker outfit includes a Star Wars shirt and a hat.  I happened to be sitting next to a buddy of mine who has not yet made the decision to quit.  As we were playing at my house, he asked if he’d mind if he had a dip.  My reply, “Not at all.  I’ve been quit 1,013 days and I’m not going to back now.”  In fact, I asked him to slide me his can (which I definitely don’t suggest for someone early in their quit) but I opened his can (Skoal Mint) and took a smell.  Nothing.  Nada.  No crave, no longing, nothing.

I’m done.  That crap is behind me.

Regardless of the outcome of the poker game, I had my personal victory over the nic bitch on that day.  Tomorrow is another battle but I’m confident that in the long run I’ll win this war.

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