Stop Chewing Recovery Timetable

The body’s ability to mend itself after quitting dip is a beautiful thing to behold.


Within … You can expect …
20 minutes … your blood pressure and pulse rate to return to normal. The temperature of your hands and feet will also have returned to normal.
8 hours … your blood oxygen levels to have increased to normal limits.
24 hours …your risk of sudden heart attack to have substantially decreased.
48 hours … nerve ending to start healing and your sense of smell and taste to begin returning to normal.
72 hours … your entire body to test 100% nicotine-free with over 90% of all nicotine metabolites to have now passed through your urine. You can also expect the symptoms of chemical withdrawal to have peaked in intensity.
10 days to 2 weeks … your body to have adjusted to the physical functioning without nicotine and the 3,500 particles and more than 500 toxins present in each chew.
1 to 9 months … your circulation to have improved substantially, any sinus congestion, fatigue, and shortness of breath to have decreased. Your body’s overall energy will have increased.
1 year … your excess risk of coronary heart disease to drop to less than half that of a Chewer.
5 years … your risk of stroke is reduced to that of a non-Chewer at 5-15 years after quitting.
10 years … your risk of death from cancer to have decreased by almost half if you were an average Chewer (one can a day). Your risk of cancer of the mouth, throat and esophagus is now half that of a Chewer’s.
15 years … your risk of coronary heart disease to now be that of a person who has never chewed. Your overall risk of death has returned to nearly that of a person who has never chewed.

Sources for the above stop chewing recovery data include the 1990 U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on the “Health Benefits of Chewing Cessation, ” U.S. National Institute of Health, Medline Plus

© Joel Spitzer 2005
The original article has been modified to be more relevant for dippers and chewers.


  1. I quit 16 days ago. After 30 yearz use of nicotine, I am free. And as unbelievable as it sounds.

    My sleep was fine
    I was in a wonderful , grateful mood
    No thoughts
    No withdrawals

    I finally just gave it over to God. And I knew he would take it away. I KNEW he would take it away, I am blown away that he took the burden of withdrawal away as an added miracle bonus.

    1. I am on 3 days clean.. isolating myself over the holidays so I don’t lose it on people at work or family members. Extremely irritable. No sleep, anger, depression, euphoria, hunger and constipation.. have quit before, but started smoking while drinking which led to chewing again.this time quit drinking too

  2. I am actually 2 weeks off of grizzly wintergreen without a alternative like fake chew. Just pushing my self not to take a chew. My gums have receded some. I was on it for 9 years. I am 21 now. One of the hardest things to stop doing

    1. Goodwin, Keep quiting everyday. I made if to almost a year now. It gets easier after 60 days. and some days I forget all about it all together which is what I pray to happen but never does.

  3. Today is Day 1. Again. I played baseball for years and didn’t dip. It wasn’t until I was in university later that I found it would keep me up and alert. I have been a secret chewer though. I haven’t let my past girlfriends or even my wife find out, have never dipped around my friends. This need to keep it secret has made me less social. So, what’s my motivation to try and quit again. My son and my health. I have recently been diagnosed with extremely high blood pressure 160/110. My son is just over a year old and I am hoping that I can be around with him for a long time. Wish me luck! And good luck to all of you out there trying to quit.

    1. Mike…my son just turned 9 months, and I too have chewed without anyone being aware for several years….and I too in a recent doc. visit was told my blood pressure was alarmingly high. I played baseball in H.S. and in College and am embarrassed to say that my habit started on the field when I was a Sophomore in H.S.. I am now 2 weeks without usage, not easy…I just wanted you to know that you can do this! Talk to your wife, your family, your friends and co-workers…let them support you. Iron sharpens iron…people sharpen people…let others help carry you towards the finish line. Enjoy your son…best of luck man!

    2. Dear Mike,
      I am from India and Yes, I am sure that you will live long enough to see your grand children. The key to anything is being happy. Quit if you can, but don’t fret. If you chew, then you need to counter the effects by an additional good intake or habit.

  4. i’m on my 2nd day and i use mint instead of tobacco as alternative,
    the reason that i’m quitting is because of my yellow teeth and also i’m electronics student which means i weld too much which needs steady hands but dipping makes my hands shake when it comes to keep hands steady.
    wish me good luck .

  5. So I have 199 days without tobacco. Now I used fake chew for about a week , and I also had patches. Well I used two patches and said fuck this. I think I needed the oral fixation more than the mental. So I stopped the patches. Well it’s been almost 200 days. I still get cravings, but I ignore them for a legit reason. I have more chicks chasing after me now that I have a clean mouth. Plus my energy is through the roof. It’s totally worth it to quit. I still get cravings, but I just ignore them. Anyone who is choosing to try and quit. I only hope for your success. Good luck to everyone here

  6. Today is my first day quitting. I am 26 y/o and have been dipping on and off since I was 13 y/o. For the last 5 years I have dipped a can of grizzly wintergreen long cut every single day. I have many failed attempts under my belt but I am determined to quit this time once and for all. Yall wish me luck!!

  7. I had been chewing Copenhagen for 28 years and on January 31, 2017 I went to the dentist for my bi-annual cleaning. The appointment was at 9 AM and I had a dip four hours beforehand. In 2011 I had molds made of my teeth for bleaching trays that I never used. Well, it wasn’t the health aspect that was pushing me to quit – it was my yellow teeth. So, after years of dipping, that 5 AM dip that morning was my last one. Today is 85 days later and I haven’t had any Cope… My wife did get me “Grinds,” which are coffee-based pouches to help me get over my addiction. They have been a great substitute, and I’m proud to say I don’t use them much anymore, either. Took me about 30 cans of those to beat my habit. So happy to be tobacco-free. Best of luck to all of you! (Seriously, try those Grinds. I’m not affiliated with that company, but without it – and without my wife, who turned me on to them – I would still be dipping.)

      1. No not really. I’ve used them and it took me days to finish a can of grinds vs a half day or day to finish a can of snuff. And eventually you just stop doing them. I’ve got 3 cans at my house that I don’t touch. That’s just the grinds. I’ve got over 100 bucks worth of dip in my closet and there’s no cravings at all

  8. Chrustian
    Thank you for the encouragement. I am ion day 47.
    I still want a dip. Some cool things are happening, things in the bedroom have gotten so much better.
    I think nicotine affects us in that area. That itself has been an incentive.
    That is something I never knew.

    Hang in There!

  9. I am more than a year chew free. I wish that I could say that I don’t still crave a dip, but that’s just not the case. I have read that it can take upwards of 3-5 years to rid yourself of the cravings.

  10. I’m on day 49 here, I had terrible anxiety and other side effects from day 7-24, then I felt really good for a bit. But then on day 35, I get food poisoning, and a few days after that my anxiety has been absolutely TERRIBLE. Are these late effects from the nicotine withdrawal? Or do you think it’s brought on by the food poisoning? It’s been killing me for 5 days now.

      1. June 6th will be two months since I quit chewing. I chewed for a good 10 years. 10 years ago I quit smoking by starting up chewing. I will say that regular sugar free gum has been my best friend since I quit. My circulation is so much better and my headaches are gone. Hands down, quitting was the best thing I’ve ever done.

  11. I am married to a beautiful doctor who has threatened to divorce me because I lied about dipping. I lied because I told her I quit but when I relapsed I did not want her to be ashamed of me. It has driven us all to the point of literal insanity. It is hard to admit weakness when you are super-husband and super-dad. I’ve quit for months at a time only to start back up when life provided a bullshit excuse. This stuff has nearly cost me my wife, my family, who knows how much money, and my life as I know it, and that is BEFORE any tangible health consequences which are bound to follow. Can you imagine a woman who could have any man she wants staying with me if I had to have my face rearranged?

    I pray that no one reading this has lied to their significant other about their use; however, if you have been addicted like me I bet you have lied to yourself. How many times have you said to yourself, “this is the last can ever” or “pouches are safer and not as messy so I can hide these easier”? I bet you can think of your own lie. The point is, addiction and dishonesty go hand-in-hand. Dishonesty and relationships do not.

    I have dipped for the better part of 20 years. This is really my last chance to quit. Otherwise, I can let someone else raise my sons and some other guy have my wife and I can dip myself silly and be incredibly lonely.


    I am better than that. And, more importantly, I WANT to quit for MYSELF. I have been to war twice (Iraq and Afghanistan) and survived. So, I am going to war against my addiction. I am throwing everything at this that I have. I have assembled a healthcare team that includes a therapist, my primary care doctor, and a three-time board certified addictionologist. Additionally, I am adding the power of prayer and I am being brutally honest with my wife. I send her a text every time I feel that withdrawal. For me, the hardest part is my ability to concentrate and I am feeling it right now. Let’s throw in a splitting headache to boot.

    My last dip was Friday night (2/24). The really hard part should start to ease over the next 24-48 (from prior experience). I am on Chantix (for the first time) and just got a script for Librium (for the first time) for the withdrawal. It feels like I am drinking my body weight in water.

    If you are quitting, I hope you do not need an Army like I do, but do not be afraid to go find one if you need it.

    My drug of choice has been Grizzly Wintergreen Pouches, but I’ve tried them all. If you have never touched a can, I’m begging you not to. You will give yourself the disease and the affliction of addiction overnight. If you have been addicted like me, I am glad you are on this site. And, I am even happier that you have read this far. The timeline above represents hope. Let’s get the fuck off of this stuff and stay hopeful forever. Ad astra per aspera. God bless.

    1. I quit on 2/27/2017, after 42 years dipping and or chewing most most any tabbaco made at one time or another. Yes Tommy I have lied to everyone as well. My wife now knows and is being supportive, like your wife she has not always been happy about the use of tabbaco.
      We will win this battle. I am using Smokey Mountain to keep my mouth busy.
      I am using prayer to win every hour.

      1. Hey Amando, I’ve been using the Smokey mountain too. I quit on my birthday. It’s almost been a year. It’s a mental game. But it gets easier. Don’t give in,don’t ever give in.

    2. Wow!! What a story hopefully you kick its ass this time.. I’ve been chewing for 20+years regular Copenhagen I’ve quit for half a day here and there many times, but as of today 3/6/17 I’m 3 1/2 days free of snuff.. And man is it fucking rough mouth feels like a total infection, energy level blows, can’t sleep more then 2 hours at a clip.. I’m fighting through it best that I can eating lots of sugar free candy and gum.. Told wife and girls too just stay away from me for a few days.. Lol.. No other way to get over it I quit cold turkey.. Hardest thing I’ve encountered in 39 years. But it’s time brother to beat this fucked up habit and put that 4 dollars a can to good use!!!?

  12. I have been chewing for 35 yrs consistently every day. Back when I was a kid it was cool to do and never new the power of addition it would have on me until i tried to quit. I have quit many times and longest lasted 5 months. I always go back to it and cannot believe i do. I feel this is a terrible habit to have and want to stop. This is my second day and using the aid of nicotine lozemgers to help quell the mind bending feelings of being an addict to Grizzely. I think you have to have the will power, the power of prayer, and good support from family and friends. This time I am only using the power of prayer and lozengers. I know that I will be addicted to lozengers once this feeling of having to reach for a can of chew to take a dip diminishes. I am quiting this time for health reasons. I asked myself what would be the one thing I could do to improve my life with out much effort. And, of course, chewing came to mind. It easy to say your going to quit, but you just have to do it. My wife is out of town for 10days and that is another good reason cause she smokes and helps me not miss it. I am also reading prayers out loud on addictions and that helps too. If you are reading this please know that you are not alone in your fight to break away from tobacco. At least I can now say I am tobacco free…maybe not nicotine free becuase of the band aid i am using, but feels good to say tobacco free….!

    1. I been chewing for a year and half and decided to quite. I am afraid What will be in my future if I dont. I been dip free for 3 days hasn’t been bad at all. I get an urge and I just chew gum instead of find something to do.

  13. I quit dipping yesterday. I was able to make a can last three to four days. Smoked a pack a day for 14 years prior to dipping (I started dipping when my son was born in leiu of smoking). I tried cold turkey a few times but couldn’t hang – maybe bc I’m a single dad and 36 years old (stress). I was downsized from a job I had for 13 years and now unemployed too. Decided to go back to school, etc.

    What helped me the past two days (today is day two) is Nicoderm patches. They were uncomfortable at first but kill the urge or at least make them manageable. I have put the patch in a different spot each time and started with 21mg – 16/24 hour patch.

    What finally made me quit is I keep getting sinus and ear infections and fatigue and my son is 7 and I don’t want him to pick it up and think it’s OK to start later in life bc “dad did it”.

    Another thing that has helped is STIM-U-DENT (plaque removers, like toothpicks). I dipped Cope wintergreen long cut and these sticks are mint flavored, plus I can clean my teeth. Win/win.

    It ain’t easy but it feels good to quit bc I feel like I took control back and hope to have more energy soon. Good luck guys.


  14. I’m 18 and I’m goin to quit this shit. I’ve been feeling for a year and a half and I’m starting now. I realize that I’m broke all the time because of that Cope.

    1. I quit 7 years ago after chewing for 20 years. I went off the can of skoal/kodiak and went to levi garrett last 2 years before finally quitting. Levi Garrett much weaker in noctine levels and than went cold turkey completely. There is no way could have quit straight off the can. It was the toughest year of my life, but was able to do it. I will never chew again as long as I live.

  15. Stopped chewing 3 days ago. Been using altoids and seeds and candy. This mental monkey is a bitch. I wish I could go back to 21 year old me and kick myself in the nuts for this.

    1. Good for you! I wish the same thing I started when I was 22, I’ll be 37 in a month. I’ve got one week now. I’ve done it before one or two weeks but I always went back to chewing soon as I got drunk. I quit drinking 2 weeks ago then a week later chewing. Still smoking a little weed but that is nothing compared to chewing tobacco.

  16. Had quit tobacco before then picked it back up and now am done for good. It’s been 5 days and my health is more important. I’m 24 and want to live a full healthy life! Started feeling lots of throat congestion and ear aches, hopefully these start to subside. Any tips?

    1. Also you can pour peroxide in your ear. Use about a quarter of a cap full, the cap on the bottle. Turn your head sideways on a pillow and pour it into your ear. Have a small piece of paper towel or toilet paper ready. Let it bubble for about 15 minutes then dry your ear out with the paper. I had a bad ear infection it was painful. I did that method a few times a day for a week and it went away. Kept me from going to the ER or the doctor’s office.

  17. Thank God. I am Tobacco free for the last 4 or 5 months without any support/Medication. The best one can do is to avoid the circle where he/she could be exposed to It.

  18. more than 10 years i used chewing tobacco .till no any visible dide effect but now i quit..any chances to get normal in health condition.

  19. Hello guys, am reading all this comments
    i Decided to quit Chewing tobacco last month now am complete 17 days

    Smell, Week up time, now am speeding more time with family

    I was chewing tobacco from 12 years, dont know how much nicotine in my body

    how to get ride of thinking about tobacco ? i saw some comments they control over 200 300 days but still chewing experience coming

    Any guess what should i do ?

    1. To be honest with you, You got to just deal with it. I also feel like that but eventually just do something to get my mind off it. Talked with some of my buddies that have quit chew as well and told me the same thing. One of them said “Its all in the mind”.

  20. It’s just like quitting smoking it takes 72 hours and your done the nicotine is our of your system the rest is physiological. I’m quitting dip right now I picked it up because it helps my anxiety,however I don’t want cancer and Iv’e done it now for about 4 months so that’s enough. I still like nicotine however the gum makes your teeth and hair fall out so no… Nicotine is a serious poison no matter how you administer it. I’m just starting but I’f I drink 100 ounces of water a day the nicotine it will be gone in 48 hours. What sucks for me is the nicotine was helping my anxiety,sleep and mood so much..

  21. 39 years old and 25 year skoal mint/extra habit. Quit 17 weeks ago for surgery. I still have to chew gum a lot everyday. Gave up the can and picked up anxiety apparently. Is there a timeline for when I can expect to not need gum to deal with anxiety? Is this just me? When is it gone for good?

  22. It is my first week of quitting “Naswar” which is a more stronger form of dipping. I am having all the symptoms on me one can find on the internet. But the thing that is giving me strength is the joy of going tobacco free for the rest of my life IA.

  23. DipQuit is a great app to have guys to see your progress. It has real time chat with a bunch of people who are going to quit or is quitting. Check it out! The ability to see your progress in the app is pretty motivating.

  24. I’ve officially been dip free for 2 weeks. I was also sick the whole first week and experienced every symptom under the sun during that time (headaches, cold sweats, fatigue, dizziness, anxiety attacks, nasuea, etc.) It was the most miserable week of my life. Now in my second week things have progressed, however, I am still experiencing migraines that come and go, especially when I exert a lot of energy. I used for 5 years without ever taking a day off, but I never plan on using again. Just wondering if I these withdrawal symptoms should be affecting my everyday life like they currently are? Thanks for all the support!


    1. Absolutley. Depending on how much you dipped per day, your withdrawl symptoms could be much worse than a guy like me who would have a can last 3-5 days. I see your comment is from about a month ago. Hope you’re still fighting the good fight.


  25. I think it’s been about 2 weeks since my last real dip. I have been unbelievably dehydrated and my mouth and lips constantly chapped, along with constipation. Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. I’m on 15th day no snuff mouth and tounge was really dry from day1 through 10. Finally feeling a little more moisture in my mouth

  26. I’m 30 years old and been dip free for 3 months now. One day i woke up, look at my self and said this. “I would rather die of natural causes, I want to be free of this pain, I want to live my life without a bottle, I want to live….”. When I said that! I went into my truck, my boat, and yes the man cave a threw everything away. One big step for all of you is this. Pay at the Pump with Card!! DON’T GO INTO THE STORE! Also go get a Electric Toothbrush and help your body fight back!!! Trust me it worked for me.

    1. I know if I can quit anybody can quit. I have been free 3 years the first two weeks was rough. It was breaking the habits I had mad with dipping. Going into gas stations was the number since that was where I bought it. Asking people to buy it for me when they went to the store. I had to rethink about getting a dip after I ate a meal that was rough. Getting one when I woke up that was another rough one. I quit cold turkey it was the only way for me. After seeing all the money I have saved and all the health benefits I am so glad I quit.

  27. I just had my last chew. I started to cut back about two weeks ago and tomorrow I’ll be fighting the good fight. I’m so glad I came across this forum for extra support. I chewed for 5 years then quit for two years and started back up about 8 months ago. Time to kick it for good. Good luck everyone. It is a wild ride but I know it’s going to be well worth the result.

    1. Kyle just read your blog I have been chewing 33 yrs and today is it for me I like the part when you said it going to be a wild ride bet so but I am ready for that ride thanks. Eddie troutman

  28. On Day 10 and still going stronger than I ever could have imagined. Really happy to have found this site, it has definitely given me motivation! I’ve tried so many times to quit, but have he feeling this might be the real deal this time!

  29. I’ve been out of work since Dec 29th I’ve got degenerative disc desease and chewed a lot of yrs now I hardly dip at all 5 min then spit out don’know what’s worse but pain is not good for me and so just maybe my body can. Heal

  30. Day one for me! Been chewing for 5 years. It’s going to be rough because the guys I work with chew heavily. Reading some of these posts give me confidence I can kill the can for good. I turn 30 in 2 weeks and figured it’s time.

  31. I’m 36. I’ve dipped since I was 18. FINALLY quit. It wasn’t easy. The last couple weeks before I put it down I would put it in my mouth and spit it out after a minute or less. And put less and less in my mouth. Fighting the urge is the worst. Just keep putting it off….. now I don’t even think about it

  32. Ive been chewing since i was 13 and been going strong for 13 years. I’m 48 hours without a chew and have been using nicotine mini lozenges. they seem to help but I have this terrrible foggy sensation…….thing, going on.

  33. I just quit chewing 2 days ago after 10 years of smoking then 4 years of chew. Honestly I feel like I’m done with chew and cigarettes. I like to look at how far I’ve come rather than how far I have to go when it comes to quitting. Hope this helps someone

  34. Im 15 and I’ve been chewing for over year maybe less and I’ve stopped a few weeks ago now I’m starting to find weird bumps on the back and on the back side of my tongue and I’m really scared now idk if they were there before or what am I supposed to expect this?

  35. I’m almost 34 and began dipping when I was 12. over half my life….. I’ve tried quitting for my wife and I cant even quit for my own daughter. I’m a sorry SOB feel like sometimes. I want to quit for myself this time but the task sounds daunting. It encourages me to hear people have overcome this. I’m at a can a day and it’s time to stop.

    1. Hey Chris my names Brian I also chewed for a very long time 2 cans a day for 25 years. After I got out of the marines 3 months ago I decided I would quit for my daughter. I can tell you 2 weeks will be the hardest thing you ever did but in the end you will be the most proud SOB on this planet. You can do it don’t be weak and power through ever moment of withdraw with a purpose of dominating it for your family!

    2. Hey Chris, hang in there. I dipped for 10 years…..even got married and kept it a secret from my wife. Believe me, I know about shame. I had a biopsy from the tongue, the dentist thought was cancerous…..thank god it wasn’t. Even with that scare it took me 2 years to quit completely. There was many relapses……bad day, have a dip……bad week, have a dip…….hanging with friends, have a dip. This probably sounds familiar. my addiction was mental, not physical. I beat it,Mao can you. Don’t hate yourself if you relapse one day….forgive yourself, you’re human, and kick tobacco’s ass.

  36. Yes it is normal.I chewed and dipped for 40 years at 2to3 packs or cans per day which ever I wanted to do and quit cold turkey due to High Blood Pressure problems and potential heart problems form the nicotine.Yes tobacco leaves a person with all kinds of different problems and this goes on for years not weeks

  37. My husband is about 30 hours chew free, but now he is experiencing hallucinations, extreme depression and crazy thoughts ( his words). Is this normal? What can I do to help make it better? He’s about to cave. Any advice?

    1. Sun – sadly, yes, it’s normal. That said, it’s temporary.

      As for advice, have him join our forum at – we’ve got over 23,000 members that “get it” because we’re all right there. It’s the best place on the web to get support and questions answered by people who know what he’s going through.

  38. After 7 years of dipping, this is the first time I thought about how long I’ve been addicted. I stopped dipping vold turkey 7 days ago and I know I can stay tobacco free forever.
    I got to the point where I only enjoyed the first 10 seconds of each dip. I grew tired of hiding it from my wife and son. I haven’t been to a dentist in 3 years because I’m too ashamed.
    Well, I took the leap and now I am almost a week without a dip. Withdrawl symptoms are not as bad as I expected. Chewing gum when I feel an urge helps greatly. But what I find to help the most is to throw myself in a situation where I loved to dip, i.e. driving, yard work, late night Netflix. Once I get over the need for chew during these activities, my mind stops fixating on dip altogether.
    I know I’ll succeed. My family and my health are what’s driving me.
    – Drew

    1. Lee
      Your in the “fog” almost all of us walked thru the fog. Mine was maybe 30 days, drink allot of water, go for walks, it’s part of the quit.

      It will pass, but remember, your brain is doing some re wireing now

      Hang in there


  39. This is related almost entirely to smoking and has no relevance to chewing tobacco
    I hate chewing to and quit. But misleading information makes an argument null and void.

    1. Actually, quite a few of these (the majority actually) are related to the cardiovascular issues associated with NICOTINE ingestion rather than the combustion associated with cigarette smoking.

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