The Decision To Quit Dip

Quitting dip comes down to one thing… a decision to quit. I can’t spell it out any simpler than that. Sure, it’s much easier for me to say that today now that I’ve quit than it would have been on day 1 or day 10, but every day that goes by, I believe it more and more.


I’m not here to tell you that the decision is easy to make because it’s certainly not. There are some days when the decision is downright nearly impossible to make. But it’s a decision that needs to be made on a daily basis.

There are many things in our lives and in our quits that we have no control over. We can’t control the weather, we can’t control how people view us, we can’t control what happens at the office, we can’t control whether we are sick. In our quits, we can’t control the withdrawal that we go through, we can’t control WHAT symptoms we will experience nor can we control how long those symptoms persist.

To look at it that way doesn’t look good. But remember… the decision.

You can DECIDE to put a dip in.
You can DECIDE to NOT put a dip in.
You can DECIDE whether you want to continue to be a slave to the can.
You can DECIDE to LIVE your life WITHOUT dip.

I’ve had conversations with other quitters and cavers. I’ve been asked what makes me different (than someone who’s struggling). The answer is simple… I made my decision. I’m not any stronger, I’m not any better and quite frankly I’m not any different. I’m an addict just like all of you… I made my decision. I made my decision this morning just like I have every morning since July 24th, 2006. I’ll make a decision tomorrow as well.

When you’re thinking that quitting isn’t possible… when you’re thinking that everything is out of your control and you NEED your dip… make a decision.

You’re in a place where people can help you once you’re made your decision but we can’t make it for you. We’re here to help.

DECIDE to let us help.
DECIDE to not dip today.
DECIDE to live life WITHOUT dip or chew.
DECIDE to live.

This thing is simple — it’s decision time my friend…


NOTE: This piece written by forum member Chewie


  1. Hi guys, I’ve been dipping for about 7 years and it’s time to stop. I went to the dentist to have teeth cleaned and he told me that I had a spot on my gums and I needed to swap sides for a while. He said if the spot don’t go away in a few weeks that he was gonna send me for a biopsy to check for cancer. I’m about to be 50 years old and not ready for cancer so I want to quit. I’ve been dipping two cans a day (pouches) and I put three in at a time. Since going to the dentist I’ve been putting 1 pouch at a time and have cut back to 1 can every two days. I’m hoping to quit cold turkey here very soon like within a week. I find this site very helpful. Thanks

    1. Good morning, I have been chewing Copenhagen snuff for 40 years and decided yesterday at 11am CA time I’m done paying 8 bucks a can,tired of having to have it in my lip from the time I open my eyes to I close them and then waking up at 2 am putting in a little dip and going back to bed,But this withdrawal is a bunch of shit,got a can of Smokey mountain an all herb chew,helping a little anyone out there know of a non nicotine snuff that’s close to Copenhagen snuff?You all have a blessed day, Billyj

      1. What’s funny is I told myself when I get dentures I’ll stop,well that was 4 years ago and I’m still dipping even with dentures,well not since 11am yesterday,for me power of prayer,Smokey mountain herbal and a great girlfriend helping me

  2. Im 39 years old, about to turn 40 in 2 weeks. Ive been dipping and smoking for the better part of 20 yrs. I don’t smoke as much as i chew…id say 5-7 cigarettes a day, maybe a can of longhorn every 2 days. Started out smoking in the army, until it interfered with my 2 mi run, and was introduced to smokeless. I really wish i had never started these damn habits. Ive had alot of messed up crap happen the last 20 years, and have chronic depression, so i just didnt care about myself, never really gave it much thought. My mouth is a mess because of chewing and smoking and neglect ful oral hygiene. I want to kick this habit, but its been in my life so long i don’t know if i can go cold turkey. Im petrified that i have cancer from this habit, i know it raises my already high blood pressure, but i seems like i cant stop. I found this site just a few days ago. Ive been depressed, thinking about what Ive done to myself, and have major health anxiety because of it. Support would be nice. So close to xmas, and im so miserable…

    1. Charles im in a similar boat …im a 41yr old construction worker n been using tobacco off and on for 25 yrs …i hate it …i hate the fact that im helping an evil corporation become even richer while i struggle with this addiction and trying to make ends meet … i hate what im doing to my gums and teeth …im under alot of stress right now and using chew as a crutch …i need to set a better example for my two daughters and i am making the decision that chew can not continue to be a part of my life ………not cold turkey for me this time …ive failed that way b4 …ive failed with nicotine gum ….im going to try dipping coffee grounds while i steadily ween myself off …..this is is the first time i have sought out support of any kind ….reading some of these posts and what was written b4 by chewy has reafirmed and strengthened my desire to quit …good luck to you and all who are trying to kick this evil monkey off our backs and i sincerely hope we can all help each other

      ?✌ lunchbox

      1. The online chat has been great. Still havent taken the plunge to go cold turkey. I have cut down quite a bit, i know i need toquit. Thanks for replying

  3. Tonight, I finished my last can of dip that I hope will last forever. I’ve been struggling with the decision to quit for a while now, but since enlisting in the Marines 2 months ago I’ve come to the realization that it needs to stop. Switching to sunflower seeds is the change I hope will end this habit.

    1. just quit without even ” thinking ” about it. no sunflower seeds needed. its pretty much a psychological mind game (all issues with quitting) i have chewed Cope for over 20 years and simply quit one day. i knew it wouldnt kill me to quit, i knew there would be withdrawals (so I kept myself slightly aware so I could just grin when irritable anger came and not take it serious)….the key again is
      …..just quit….dont dwell on it or think of it anymore once you made the decision to. act like you have amnesia and you never chewed before. i see so many counting days..thinking of buying sunflower seeds (like boarding your house before a hurricane….expecting the worst) and complaining how terrible the withdrawal is.. etc….that doesnt help in any way and only sets you up to fail. again..quit and move on. you will find out SOON how much BETTER you feel…..that nicotine was hurting you in ways you never realized. Best of Luck…..anyone can stop if they simply quit….and don’t make a big deal out of it…ride out withdrawal like a storm….it passes in a few days.

  4. I have chewed for about 5 years now, on and off. Been hiding it from my wife, since I work crazy hours. She will catch me every once in a while, in the beginning of our marriage I would lie, but that Got to hard. Well now I have confessed to her, It has damaged our relationship to the point of almost no return. I have said I would quite, but never did. Well tonight’s fight was the last straw, I need to quite to save my marriage, need to quite to save me. Tomorrow is day 1.

    1. Andy same boat was hiding it from wife, got caught to many times. I got kick out of house for 2 days. Signed up on this link. Couldn’t stand the thought of losing wife, grandkids. Since May 11. Been going good since. Talk with you later

    2. You go it will be worth it. I’m in same boat still fighting. Need to save our marriage. We can do this together.

  5. I’m 21 andd been chewing for almost a year and half, which I realize isn’t all that long. But about 6 months ago my girlfriend told me to pick either her or the chew, so I told her I’d quit. I made it a few weeks and started in again. Can’t bring myself to tell her that I let some habit control my life. Plus the idea of getting cancer scares the hell out of me. Nothing I’ve done has helped me to quit. So I’ve come to this website hoping to find a perspective and support to help me quit. Tonight I threw my cans away and am going at it cold turkey.

    1. Just got on the site and saw your post. First quit for you because of who you want to be. I was in the same situation 20 years ago. Yes I’m 41 now. My wife and have been together and love eachother. But here is where I failed. I was 165 and a college athlete who thought I was invincible. Now I’m 315 and in horrible shape all because I was a slave to tobacco. Not to mention I’ve spent 40k on the product. Quit now and never look back Find every excuse in the book to stay off of it rather than the other way around and do it for you because of who you want to be. Your girlfriend will respect you for it if you make it about you. If you ever say it’s only for her she will resent you Anyway that’s it. Good luck and don’t end up like me

  6. Ive went 20 days now without a chew. I have been chewing for 13 years. I have two small children and I don’t want them to do this and I would like to be in there life as long as possible. I have tried to quit a few times and it never works. This time I did something totally different, cold turkey. I truly believe this is the way to go. I ordered herbel stuff on the internet put it in my lip, gum, sunflower seeds anthing to make it feel like I have a chew in. This just keep giving me a feeling like there was dip in my mouth, like I was going to be able to just sneak one more dip in someday. The fake stuff just kept my mouth dependent on the feeling of needing a chew in. The first week cold turkey was hell but after the first week I noticed how much better I felt. My ears ringed the first week some but not now. I only have cravings now right after I eat I just chew on some gum and that’s it. I just stopped the gum today. I’m really excited to not be controlled by this no more. If I can do this so can you.

    1. I am on day 3 from an 11 year old habit. It feels like I have this giant void in my life, like something is missing. I need to stay strong though

  7. I’m on day 8, dip free. Chewed skoal straight for 10 years. I didn’t get the “fog” like other people are claiming but my throat is sore and my ears hurt. Triggers are everywhere! So I’m trying this Smokey Mountain Classic herbal stuff. It is Definitely helping me with the triggers but the urge is still there. Gotta believe it’ll get easier.

  8. Going to quit tonight. I know I can do this, but before I didn’t want to. Yeah sure I love all the things about it everyone else does. But this time I want to quit. I have been sober for 16 months after going to rehab for alcoholism and I picked up chewing in rehab. I chewed all through high school and into my 20’s but managed to quit for about five years. But do to my alcoholism I lost my job as a professional firefighter and was suicidal at my lowest point. Needless to say I didn’t care much what happened to me so I started chewing again. I can say that it has helped me with struggles during my sobriety but it usually takes just one moment for me to realize I need to stop. Took me losing my dream job to face the fact that I’m an alcoholic and just this past Sunday I found my reason to quit chew now as well. My dear friend I haven’t seen in years ran into me and my girls at the mall. He has cancer. He is so fragile and skinny I almost immediately want to cry just seeing him. I then found myself choking back tears and trying to stay positive in front of him and we parted ways. That moment I realized he is struggling with a sickness he did not choose and I’m here just asking for the same fate voluntarily chewing tobacco. I’m going to apply the same tools I learned in rehab and this website is fantastic and falls right in line with what I know I need to quit. God bless all of you on here and we can all keep up the good fight!

  9. This is super hard to quit I’ve only been doing it for about 1 1/2 years and love the taste and feel of having it but it’s causing problems with my relationship with the woman I love. I’ve been trying to quit for about 8 months but since I work as a ambulance medic I’m away from her a lot of the day and it makes it super easy to do it without her knowing. When she finds out i feel like a falure that can’t keep his word. I’ve tried the fake stuff and it’s aweful like putting in a dip of sawdust with a slight mint flavor. I have to quit because I love her and want to be with her. Anyone have any help they can throw my way I need all the prayers and advice I can get!

    1. I’m a police officer and enjoy it as well, even more at work driving around. I decided on Sunday I was going cold turkey….just started day 3 no dip…….

      1. Hey man you can do it! I’ve been dip free for 19 days and still struggling along. After the first week it defiantly feels to me it gets slightly easier but the mental cravings never truely go away. Just keep pushing on and fighting those feelings bro it will make you feel so much better once you make it too day 7. Just know we are here for you if you need too vent because we have all been there through those first aweful days where (in my opinion) it’s the hardest time for anyone.

    2. I’m right there with you man. I started chewing in the army 12 yrs ago and have been on and off with it. I have hid it from my wife and been caught multiple times, I feel so disappointed in myself and embarrassed. I have destroyed the trust she had in me. I have ruined her birthday and thanksgiving because of this addiction. It’s time for me to make that decision to quit and stick to it.

  10. Thanks swimdude for responding to my post and taking the time to offer some advice. I would have been proud to say that I made it a week dip-free (no patches, no gum, etc.). Quit cold turkey! Made it throughout the week with very few cravings. Unfortunately, the other day, I caved. The battle continues…

    I appreciate your insight and I’ll keep in touch with you.

  11. I need some help guys. I have enjoyed reading through all of the quitting stories, but I gotta do it. I tried last week using the patch and quickly caved and went back to dipping. I’ve been a dipper for 13 years, a can a day dipper for about 5. My mind is determined to quit, but my body says no. One of my biggest obstacles is that most people, not even my family, know that I dip. I have a very addictive personality and give into things very easily. I need some support and ideas. I am; however, going to throw everything (dip, spitters, etc.) all away today. Hit me up if you have some advice or encouragement.

    1. Brandon, it is your decision. For me, I was tired of staying up late at night waiting for my wife to go bed so that I could sneak a chew. I was tired of hiding chew in my car and immediately going to it after work. I was tired of the stress it put on my heart after 30 years. I was tired of my exercise being sabotaged because I was fatigued all the time. I was tired of all of the negative thoughts that I would think of when I chewed. I was tired of becoming withdrawn from people. It was just time. I’ve quit before but would eventually go back. I’ve passed some good tests. I have been without it for 46 days. I think it will stick this time because this site is supportive and let’s you know. Oh, at night is when I think about it most. I have some coffee. It is a stimulant and replaced the stimulant I needed every night. You have to find what works for you. You can do it. It’s your decision.

  12. I have dipped off and on for 30 years. Maybe a can a week, but never felt addicted. I’ve decided to stop again and not touch it for good. The real urge for me surfaces in times of stress or pressure in life. I have found that exercise helps, but doesn’t replace the calming and settling effects of a pinch of dip. Candy helps satisfy the urges at times, but never completely. Wish I would have never touched this stuff. Anyway, we are all better off without it and I hope we can all quit for good.

  13. My name is John. Dipped Copenhagen for 30 years. Played baseball then went into police work. Shift work fit right in to my continuance of dipping. Hid from the wife for a long time ( at least think I did). Recently met with some old baseball buddies and they have quit. I was inspired by them. It’s been 28 days. It’s brutal but it is definitely time. Came to realize that the whole day is full of “triggers” to dip. Driving, working, yard work etc. Taking it one day at a time, some are better than others. This site is good stuff.

  14. I have been dipping for 16 years. And for the first time in 16 years I am 24hrs dip free. I had my last dip yesterday around 11am and am kicking the can for good. I am 32 and went to the doctor because I had a white spot in the back of my mouth. The doctor said he thinks its lukaplaquia, but referred me to a specialist if I wanted to go. He doesnt think its cancer but wont know for sure until the specialist takes a biopsy. That of course was a real eye opener for me to quit. I don’t want to have half of my jaw removed, I dont want my throat to develop cancer, I don’t want to die. The doc gave me Welbutrin to help and I think it helps. I wake up every night around 2am and cant really go back to sleep. But I think its worth losing some sleep over for a few weeks, I cant wait to be free to these withdraws and a normal person who does need to search for an empty bottle or push open the top of a soda can because I need a spitter. Hardest thing I’ve ever done.

  15. Rocky Mountain fake dip is CRAP! I would rather suck on a pile of horse manure then that crap, tastes nothing like chew and has no nicotine in it and costs way more than real chew.

  16. Had the same story. Now three years quit. I used the nicotine stuff for a while. Then you sort of just don’t use it but nice to have the can around. A lot of it is just having the comfort of the can in your hand or pocket. I liked the Rocky Mountain mint.

  17. I have the same predicament , I’m going through the interview stage and its for Penn Med. they don’t allow tobacco users ,, tomorrow I start day one ,, I didn’t have the will today , I currently climb towers for AT&T and thought I needed that tin to get me through the day ,, I hope to get the job and change my lifestyle … Good luck

  18. Hi , I have dipped for 39 years about a can a day, I’m on day 27 without a dip I’m going to do it this time, quit for good I chewed wintergreen skoal, wolf and longhorn and I have found what helps a lot is to put a wintergreen life saver between my cheek and gums I wish I had the wintergreen flavor without the sweet taste but it’s the closest thing I have found that helps . Anyone have a crutch like that that helps?

    1. I’ll try that Dad dipped for 40 years all day expect when he was eating or sleeping. I’ve been a tobacco user for 20 years and I’m on day 2 and it’s real hard . I’ve been real I’ll and not a pleasure to be around . It is hard to concentrate I’m hoping it will get better. Also red hots help me the candy.

    1. Changing your routine. Everytime u want a dip do something else that keeps your mind occupied. I’m on day 2 as well and it’s not easy I feel like I’m not in my right mind . But I have to let it go for me and my family . I want to feel different and I don’t won’t the health problems that come with it . I want to be free

  19. Been dipping a can a day for 4 years now ever since i was 13. My gums barely exist, my cheeks are peeling, and i simply can’t deal without it. This can’t go on for the rest of my life. My only fear is cancer and I feel I’m not far away. I won’t quit this second but slowly and surely i will starting now. Good luck everyone

  20. I am on day 1/2 of 1. I have been dipping since 2003. First it was redman then long cut and finally Copenhagen. I have stopped multiple times the longest stretch was about 3 months. Then something happens and I start back up. I know dipping is horrible but I enjoyed it. I do construction in the navy. The hardest part I think is going to be the mindset. I am so used to dipping while working. I went out and bought some of the herbal snuff (nicotine free). That might help. I need to quit. It has caused so many problems in my marriage because I would tell the wife I was quitting and then I would start back up again. Them she would find out. That has happened multiple times because I didn’t want her to think I failed. As of May 15 2015 I am 15 days till my sons due date. I need this time I quit to be the last one. Thanks for letting me rant.

      1. Ive been chewing mainly since 1990. On average a little more than one can a day. Eight days ago i started weening down using the lossingers too. I want to quit not only for health reasons and to feel better, but to save the money. This is the last straw with chew. Does anyone know when ill start feeling better and do not feel the need for chew. Thanks.

    1. Brother, Iam a former Marine of 9 years and 4 combat deployments. I’ve dipped for over 15 years (since hockey in high school) Alaska. Today is my 5th day and my rampage is out of control. However, I e made my decision to quit.
      I do enjoy having a dip in. I actually grew accustomed to the taste and I miss it. To make things worse, I’m actually in Iraq right now. I cannot tell you how fucked I’m feeling as my gums hurt and my mind is needing that dip. But I won’t be a slave to it anymore. Keep doing what you are doing and never quit fighting. I’m on day 5 of benign free from this bull shit.
      You can do it.
      Semper Fi

  21. Hi all, mike here. Just landed a solid job in a nicotine free company. I’ve only two weeks to become free of chew. Been chewing for 32 yrs now. I stopped twice when my wife was pregnant for the duration of the pregnancy!! Looking forward to life beyond the cloud. Wish me luck!!

  22. Hi everyone…my name is Todd and I’ve made the decision to quit chew after 28 years. I’ve tried quitting before and did for over 3 years until the stress of the job I was in made me do the dumbest thing. I bummed a chew from a guy at work and the down slide started. It is now 5 years later and my wife is worried about me, I’m worried about me and I’ve hidden it from the kids. I’m ashamed, disgraced and need help. I’m a proud, or bull headed if you ask my wife, man and it isn’t east to admit that I have an addiction, but I am. I’ve never asked for help before but at this point I need all the help I can get. Please help me thru this difficult battle. Thanks!

    1. Hey Todd….this is you 168 days later. Good job staying clean and free of nicotine. And make sure you keep thanking Dano and Talonad for pulling you of the ledge!!!

  23. Hey everyone, my name is Matt and I have been dipping about 2 years almost every day. I’m afraid about the effects it has on my health, but more importantly the way it has kept me from enjoying my life the way I used to. I’m 22 years old, married, and a college student. Spending lots of time studying and, of course, some time drinking, it’s very tempting for me to crave the attention buzz or the alcohol-dip buzz. I kept it a secret from my wife and she didn’t like it when I told her, naturally. Dipping has negatively influenced my spiritual life as well as my relationships: it seems like I’m always looking for a way to get somewhere alone so I can dip. I’m TIRED of it. I want my life back, but I can’t do it alone. I know my story isn’t as dramatic as some of the users on here who have dipped for decades, but I figured some support from others in the same shoes can provide me with encouragement and help ease my mind. Please provide me with some encouraging feedback and help me through this process!

    1. Same exact boat your on my friend. I realize this reply may be a bit dated, but I too have been dipping for a couple years and it started in college as well. As of writing, I am currently 22 myself. This is my third attempt at quitting, and my last. I am going to beat this, and you will too. I realize this post was made last December, so I’m not sure if this information is still relevant to you or not. Nonetheless, know that you’re not alone and can do this!

  24. How does long does it take to quit? My boyfriend chews and he decided to quit but his quitting isn’t really quitting. I don’t know how to be supportive because I’m so angry that he says he won’t chew for example during the week and he does. I want to be supportive and am happy that he is saying that he wants to quit but he needs to stop saying it or make a better effort. Am I being unreasonable?

    1. Asia – no, you’re not being unreasonable, however please recognize that what he’s undertaking is MONUMENTAL. The decision to quit is quit… the process of quitting takes time. A LOT of time. You may want to check out the Spousal Support page here for some tips for YOU, and I’d suggest HE join our forum at where he can talk with other folks (nearly 22,000) that “get it”.

  25. After 32 years of dipping Cope, I set a date, slowly started to cut back and, when the day arrived, put my last dip in…and stopped, cold turkey. Easy? Not at all. That was 252 days ago…and I haven’t looked back. Sure, there are times when the Nicotine urge raises it’s ugly head – but it’s few and far between. To all of you that are starting the process – stick with in, dig your heels in, and use your resolve (and support network) to get through those first brutal days. Its worth it.

  26. After 10+ years of dipping, I decided to look at my bottom lip today and saw some “black” starting to show up… I have NEVER dipped more than a can every 2-3 days and still saw that… I’m pretty freaked out about it and making a decision tonight to kill the habit

  27. Well quit this week, on day 3 after 9 years and 3 cans a day. A desk job chew just helped pass the time. Doesn’t seem to bad so far, I lift a lot normally so I think I already sweated everything out. I went to the store and thought hey I should grab a can. But then I was like ehh, better not. Great reading guys, keeps me happy to envision a future without chew in every aspect of my life.

  28. I haven’t quit but I’m ready to. I started dipping to help me quit smoking. .now its time to say goodbye to nicotine forever. .Please help me in any way you can

    1. Hi tony i realize u quit some ti.e ago hope u stayed with it. I also started dip to quit cigarettes. That didnt work out. I ended up dipping fulltime and started smoking again 3 months later so there i was doing both. Well one day out of the blue in september 2014 (its now feb. 7 2015) said ok one or the other do i dropped cigarettes on the spot. Havent even smelt one since. No i quit dipping this week. I set a date for my goal. The day after the superbowl. Pats won and im from boston by the way. Woo hoo. Anyways i havent had a chew yet. Fake dip (no nicotine, tobacco free) has been pretty helpful just goin through the motions. The biggest factor was.i have a 1 year old girl and another one on the way. I wanna stick around for them. Im putting dip money into there own seperate bank account for college and it feels great. Hope some.of this helps.

  29. I’m trying to quit. I am a police officer and it’s tough after riding in a car for 12 hours and always turning to the can to pass time. I just bought two cans tonight…then I saw this site. Like someone else above wrote…Rome was not built in a day…I’m going to give it an honest go at it this time. I have trust in the Lord to help me through this.!!!!

  30. hey guys so I’ve been dipping for 4 years now, 3-5 times per day on average. My decision to quit kind of came unexpectedly and out of the blue. There are several buddies of mine that i chew with, and one of them decided to quit 2 months ago while the rest of us were still going strong. Anyways, last weekend, after i bought a can, i started thinking to myself that i should try and quit, i know its not good for my health or my wallet (canadian cans are ridiculously expensive) and so i decided i would try to quit cold turkey after i finished that last can. I had my last dip on Sunday (June 8, 2014) and have been off of it for nearly 3 days now. To be honest, my cravings aren’t all that bad, i was really expecting worse, the part that is really getting to me is that i feel as though a part of me is missing. See you guys made the decision to quit because you were tired of it, I’m not LOL To be completely frank, I love chew, i still feel that i want to chew for a while longer before i call it a day. The thing is, i kind of made this choice rather quickly and rushed it, I quit because one of my friends quit and i thought it might be time for me too. I don’t regret trying to quit, but i wonder if maybe i rushed into this a little too quickly. Any advice on how to deal with the feelings of “incompleteness” or “loss”? Ive been chewing boat loads of gum, and it seems to help a bit. Any suggestions would be great.

    1. Hey Mike – I was just like you. When I quit, I didn’t “want” to quit. I just sort of knew I needed to. I LOVED my chew. It was part of my being… it defined me. Here are a couple of links that may be helpful:

      Dealing With Craves & The Concept Of Forever

      And if you’re looking for something to fill that void, there are some GREAT fake dip products available that can help with just that.

      Smokeless Alternatives

      These products contain no tobacco and no nicotine. They’re great if you want to continue the ACT of dipping, but still stay clean.

      Hope these help… Chewie

  31. My name is cody and i made the decision a few days ago to quit. Unlike many tobacco users i have only dipped for 4 years. I have quit before, it was hard but the hardest part is staying quit. This website is very helpful. Wish me luck yall this can of copenhagen is out the window on my way home today!

  32. I have been back and forth between smoking and dipping since the Navy, and that was around twelve years ago. I finally gave up smoking and have been dipping for the past year. I was an idiot and thought dipping would be better than smoking. I have been juggling with the issue of quitting for the past couple weeks and made up my mind to finally quit after my logs was gone. I’m finally done with my dip and decided to check online for some pointers and all that. I feel good about this decision to quit. I’m sick of the acid reflux, sick of spilling it, sick of just doing it. Anyways, I’m glad I found this site.

  33. Hi everyone! My name is Heather. I chewed as a teenager then went to smoking. I was a smoker for 21 years and was able to quit dec 17th 2008 HOWEVER when my mom passed away from Cancer in Nov 2009 I lost it. I couldn’t be around cigarette smoke anymore so I did the dumbest thing ever and went back to chewing. Well here it is 5 years later and I have decided that I am ready to “Kick the Can” however quitting chewing is MUCH harder then when I quit smoking and I am in need of a TON of support, encouragement and reminders as to why I chose to quit to keep me quit. I only quit hours ago and I am already dealing with insomnia, severe rage fits and debating whether or not I can do this. Any advice?

    1. Hello Heather,

      Don’t give up! You will live a much happier life knowing you are not going to be dependent on a substance you know you want to quit. Taking those first few steps are always the hardest, but also the most essential in any situation. You need to acknowledge the fact that if you keep chewing something terrible might happen to you, and your friends and family members will be deeply affected. One of my close friends also chewed tobacco for a very long time for emotional reasons, but is now trying to stop. He told me quitting is especially painful because it reminds him of all the emotional trauma he went through, and having to learn to deal with it and put it behind you.

      You can and should stop as soon as possible, before the negative effects become irreversible and it throws you even further into the pit of despair. He recently told me one thing is helping him immensely, believe it or not, is a type of hypnosis program he found online. He wrote a review about it on his blog website,, and although I’m not one who looks into that sort of thing, if you believe in it, it can and will help you.

      Again, don’t give up, and remember how much better your life will be for you and your loved ones knowing you aren’t dependent on a substance that can deteriorate your body.

  34. Tj,

    I understand… I just throw away my can tonight after reading jenny kerns story on here. I worked nights for over a year as a police officer and I know the feeling. It would help keep me awake it was just part of the shift. I would even put one in if I was running hot. I know how powerful it is and frankly you are ahead of me since I just threw the can away, but know you are not alone. Don’t worry about slipping up; Rome wasn’t built in a day. you are doing what you need to do by not giving up. hang in their Tj you will beat this!

  35. I quit 2 weeks ago when I got the flu, didn’t feel like doing it so figured it was a good time to stop. Went 2 weeks strong easily until I worked night shift tonight and bought a can of Copenhagen original. I need to break the hold it has on me. Im a police officer and it is extremely hard to not want it when I work nights. Any advice is welcomed to me. Put a dip in and now im pissed I even went and bought it since I’ve been without nicotine for 2 weeks.

    1. I understand man. My buddy and I decided to quit a week ago and I broke. The worst feeling is disappointing yourself. I have pretty much been sneaking it around and I’m trying to cut it out as well. Roughly, it will take a month until you start feeling comfortable with it. Your not in this alone though. Through the seven days I lasted, I used a shit ton of gum and sugar free candies. But what helped when it got really though was jerky chew. I know it sounds funny and it’s not totally getting the habit out of your life, but in my opinion protein over nicotine is better in my book. Stay strong, make the decision and if you have to, scare yourself out of it. Think of your wife and kids and loosing your jaw or death due to cancer. It’s freaky, but you have to do whatever it takes. I believe in you man. YOU ARE STRONGER THAN CHEW.

  36. Most excelent chewie, made a decision today not to dip, 4hrs later Iam freeking out. Stop smoking in 1982 using dip and then was hooked on dip worse than cig’s. I woak up at 4am this morning not knowing my wife was awake got up and got a dip, she said what are you doing can’t you wait 2 more hrs? So to day I made a decision. I am a weak sucker so think I’ve found help here. Thanks

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