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De Archer – Harsh Tactics and Honesty

KillTheCan LogoWelp first thing i gotta get out of the way would be…. DONKEY PUNCHES FOR ALL!!!

These 100 days flew by, i found myself in the woods hunting without dip for the first time in 10 years. I know ive been doubted by many, and i know theres been a lot of shit talking on me, but i dont care, go pound sand for all i care.

For all the guys that actually stood up for me while i wasnt posting because they knew where i was i appreciate it. For the guys who knew i was legit i thank you as well.

My story is this, i dipped 2 cans of day for 10 years. I figured it was time to quit and somehow i found this place. After my third quit day, i was done with the nicotine bitch, she hasnt fucked with me since. Alot of people say im full of shit, but i say 99.9% of the quit is mental. If your not mentally tough, throw the towel in before you even attempt to start. Its a hard road for some, and easier for others. I would fit in the easy catagory, because i knew in my mind the nicotine bitch didnt have shit on my mental state.

If you plan to quit, stick with it. Have a mind set that if you cave your a piece of shit, and you let every single quit brother you have down. Use harsh tactics, and be honest with yourself. If your not serious about quiting dont waste your fucking time. Just go ahead and rot that face away.

If your mentally tough, its so easy a caveman can do it

Thats about all i have to say

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member de archer

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  1. you’re goddamn right Chewie! I have used the nic bitch for 50 years and on March 11 of this year I quit cold turkey. I also quit drinking 28 years ago and AA helped me with that one and still is one day at a time. First 2 weeks without a chew of Blue mint scoal longcut were a sonofabitch but 2 1/2 months later the craving isn’t a big deal. Shit! I should crave a chew after doing a can a day for forty years. I traded chew for Marlborro lights for around 8 years but smoking was gross so I went back to the good old chew. I’m 66 and healthy, in great shape and run with the Bulls at Pamplona every year for the past 25 years. This July will be my first time to run with the bulls without a chew. ALL THE MORE REASON TO QUIT CHEWING !!!
    So to all you guys who want to quit chewing…grow a pair and make a decision to stop. It’s tough at first but gets easier as the days go by. KTC has been very helpful.

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