2008 HOF Speeches

MadXdippers HOF Speech – Thanks To All

Happy St. Patricks' Day From KillTheCan.org!Well the past 126 days have been very interesting. I have been threw many things that would have given me an excuse to cave. My wife has left me, my business is in the tank, I tested positive for skin cancer in 4 spots, my dog has cancer and is dieing and I got in a bad ATV wreck and busted up my knee. Threw all of this I have stayed strong realizing that NIC would not make things change or even better. Now let’s go back to day 1. My lips were raw and I was complaining to my secretary. She emailed me the link to killthecan.org. I went and checked it out and started to chat. After about a hour in the chat room with Skoal Daddy, Buckfever and JPine. I said “fuck it, I’ll give this a try”. I have dipped for 20 plus years strong and have tried to quit in the past and failed. Threw the 100 days I felt like caving many times. Every time the craves started or the rage started I would be on the site. I think staying close to the site is very important. We are all brothers that have 1 thing in common and always will, we are all addicted to NIC. I have become friends with a lot of people on this site that are great people and have helped me in many ways. I would like to thank, Skoaldaddy, JPine, Slug, Timmay, Franpro, Buckfever, Big Brother Jack, Sigma, Qferrret, and all of the others. The keys to quitting are wanting it and taking 1 day at a time. Sticking close to the site and leaning on your brothers. Get yourself a set of phone numbers from some of the vets and when you need to, use those numbers. Also drink a lot of waters and chew a lot of gum. Today I feel better than ever. The craves are still there but they are manageable and less frequent. Life is what you make of it.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Maddipper

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