2014 HOF Speeches

Emulator HOF – Its Not What You Think

Hall of Fame KTC 4You bunch of cock sucking sons of bitches. Who in the Hell do you think you are? I dare you to judge me and then tell me what to do… Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.. you can take this site and go fuck yourselves with it. That is what was going through my mind within a few seconds of accidentally landing on the KTC site. I was bombarded with the aforementioned wisdom. The thing is…. the bad ass quitters that live in the KTC knew what they are doing, I realized this as the session went on, that first day of January 2014. Within thirty minutes I was quit, Thank you Bastards, I never cursed much until I can here , it seems like an outlet of sorts. I learned that KTC cares and will do anything for their member for as long as you take the quit serious, on that topic there is no wavering. I came to understand that it takes the “Tough love” from the group to make you or break you because as a quitter YOU MUST BE FUCKING SERIOUS you can joke about most things but not the quit. I have been through ups and downs with the quit as did everyone that is a quitter, it is expected, not anything special to any quitter so dont whine. I have enjoyed “BECOMING” a better person, more in-charge of my life, knowing there are people that I can reach out to for the rest of my life, if needed. Unfortunate the site has caused me, a staunch conservative, married with children, to become ……GHEY thanks for being ghey with me.. you too Ginet you and JB are the gheyest (not really because there are some really fucked up people in here, that I am proud to be associated with. I want to keep this light and not too deep but thanks, funny I will always remember getting my HOF coin and seeing the beauty in it while my boss was telling me that I was terminated (It was my 100th day) so that bastard needs to thank you as well because I though so much of the coin, I didnt want to lose it by knocking the little Fredo (God father reference) sun of a bitch through the wall.Thanks for being there I respect you all. If you want to read a bunch of whining shit about how the NIc Bitch affected me then go to my intro. Love you gheys forever.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Emulator

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