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F*ck Craves

F-wordwe are addicts. it’s a bitch of a personality disorder. it’s old, old, old in our dysfunction as human beings, we addicts, who have this special wiring that has lied to us for years and years and has told us that if we just have or perpetuate this thing – this one thing – this work, this video game, this possession, this religious devotion, this dip, this series of sexual or romantic relationships, this power, this food, this whatever – then we will be happy and safe.

and the corporations – all of them – who create the things that enslave us KNOW this about us addicts and they use chemicals and messages to reinforce it. and we’re susceptible and they fuck us and make money and get influence and power and provide good return for their stockholders.

of course we still crave.
we’re addicts and are mistaken. and,
we’re preyed upon by heartless corporations that are more than happy to hurt us for their own benefit.

i choose today to work on my addiction. that is all i can do in the face of a world that will use it to enslave me and millions of other people. slaves behave more and obey and stay down and don’t cause much trouble, and if you lose some slaves, who gives a shit? you can always get more.

fuck them. fuck that.
i am quit today. thanks to this group, thanks to this work, thanks to my own soul and balls and hope.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member bluebonnetman

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