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Getting Serious With Mike_Land

Why So SeriousI don’t really know if I have earned the right to write what is in this post but I feel like it needs to be said.

It’s sad to see so many people sign up, make a few post and then disappear.  When all the support in the world is right here free for the taking.  If you are lurking on this site and considering quitting, please hear me out.  I am no expert.  I’m only 42 days in.  But I do know this.  This shit works.  Hard nosed determination and being held accountable by the brotherhood here at KTC is all you need to be able to quit.

Here is the alternative.  You can continue in your addiction.  You can continue to be a slave to the can, or pouch or whatever your chosen form of nicotine is.  You can continue to lose out on time with your family.  continue to lose out on the good times because you have to sneak away to have a tryst with a cat turd in your lip.  You can continue to spend endless amounts of cash on can after can of death.

Yep, I said “Death”.  That is what is coming to you.  If you’re lucky it will happen fast and you will die quickly.  More than likely it will be a slow, lingering, painful death.  Have you read the story of Randy and his cancer?  Stop here a minute and go read that post if you haven’t.  After you finish go read the story of the Kerns.  Maybe this will help you to make the commitment it takes to get your quit going and keep it going.

Maybe you are hanging around here as one of the people who have signed up and posted a few days only to end up caving.  Maybe you don’t want to listen to Wastepanel, Diesel, or some of us other fuckers chewing your ass and calling you out for caving.  What do you want?  You want us to coddle you  and tiptoe around you so we don’t’ hurt your feelings?  Fuck your feelings!!  We are talking about your life here!!  I don’t want my wife and baby daughter to have to go it alone.  And I sure as  hell don’t want your family to have to live without you either.  Hell, that would just be another family i’d have to help keep up with all the damn taxes I have to pay!  I know you didn’t take care of your family.  You spent all your money on dip and killed yourself with it so I know they won’t have enough to live on.  Get with the damn program people.  What the Fuck?  This ain’t rocket science.  Make your commitment, post to roll, keep your word, rinse and repeat.  that’s all that  you have to do.  come on!!  There are a ton of people here to help you.  Let’s get going.

where the hell is Chevytruck34, dipnsucks, and a couple of others that I recall in our March 13 group?  You guys are breaking my heart.  That is true.  Yes, When I get the chance I am really going to give some of you an ear full.  You deserve it.  How can you go several days, get through the hardest part of the physical addiction and then through it all away?  I know there is no easy answer.  But we have all been there.  We  have all dove in head first and we are swimming like hell to try and stay afloat and keep our heads above water.  That’s what makes all of us such great resources to each other.  You guys get back here now!!  Take your kick in the teeth or ass and get back on the road to quit.

What really kills me is the guys who are disappearing are th young guys.  The guys who have to most to live for and the brightest futures.  They just keep throwing that shit in their mouth and daring the cancer and death to take them.  If I could lasso your asses and put you up some where I would but in the end you have to make the decision to qut.  And then you have to make the decision that you are going to stay quit.  One day at a time.

Your rambling qut brother


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Mike_Land

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