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Yesterday I shared a post by MNxEngineer from our Discord Server about accountability and the quitter’s obligation. There has been some discussion about how when we moved to Discord we lost some of our ‘edge’ and perhaps some of that old school accountability from yesteryear on the forums was lost. I’m here to tell you that accountability is where you find it and it’s alive and well at KTC.

Here’s a passage (from the same conversation) from Samrs. It’s just plain awesome and it’s what makes this place THE BEST resource to quit chewing tobacco… if you’re ready to quit.

Old School

we “old school fucks” keep coming in with the “dog shit” because it works. You must think so, because you’re here, and you are – presumably – following the program that has helped tens of thousands of people quit.

A huge part of that is brotherhood. I see that in you, wanting to defend your friend and fellow quitter – and that’s admirable. The next step there is accountability, though.

Brotherhood without accountability is that buddy who tells you, “Sure, go ahead, just have one! You can quit again tomorrow!” I don’t know about you, but before I found KTC, I had months where I “quit again tomorrow”.

Accountability without brotherhood is hate. “Fuck you you fucking fuck! Get the hell out!” That demand for perfection is impossible, and leads to despair. I’ve been there, too.

We need both. We need to love our brothers and sisters here. That means that we need to be absolutely, and sometimes painfully, honest with them. Because – and this is important – that is what we are asking of them ourselves.

If I’m acting like an idiot, if I’m dancing on the edge, if I’m starting to sound like someone who’s romanticizing how much fun dipping was instead of hating nicotine and what it’s done to me, my family, and my relationships?

I want you to call me out on that bullcrap, because that’s what it is. Crap. My brain lying to me in order to get its next fix, a little dose of insecticide to feel happy for a moment or so.

That goes both ways, though. The goal is never to coddle, nor is it abuse. The goal is to be completely honest, tell people where they went wrong, and part of that is importing just how serious this is.

Because quitting isn’t a game. It’s literal life and death.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan community member Samrs

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