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I picked up the following from an Introduction post welcoming a new quitter… the welcome was posted by RWM and Kb81… Very impressed Gents…. You “get it”.

bbulldog @ Aug 6, 2010, 2:30 pm

I have committed this time, I have been trying to quit since February with no luck, quit dates have come and gone only to go back to my fix again.

QUOTE (RWM @ Aug 6, 2010, 2:50 pm)

bbulldog – first off welcome to the site. that being said I’ve got a few things to get straight with you.

1) try is not a word we use. You are either quit or not. You don’t try to quit here. Once you sign the roll and post your promise, then dip is off the table for the rest of the day. You have promised us that you will not dip for that day. Fighting this is a day by day battle. You need to get up early in the morning, go straight to the computer and post your promise. Then for that day you can’t dip.

2) You don’t quit for anyone but your self. If your quitting for your friend, what happens when she pisses you off and you say “hey I’ll get back at her, I’ll buy a can”. NO Brother – if you are quit, you are quit for you and you only. Now if your friend is a good friend then let them know what you are going thru, let them know that you will have rage, craves, need support.

3) NEVER use your rage against anyone. Find outlets. Go running, bang your head on the wall, bang something else….

Now read everything you can on the site. I saw that you posted on the roll, so you have taken dip off the table. You also said you quit for 6 years, then did the one more for the road dip. You now know that you can’t ever have nic in any form. No patches, no cigs, no dip, don’t lick ash trays, don’t kiss smokers….

You are very earlier in your quit, so get gum, seeds, water, fake stuff. Stay away from booze, or activities that cause triggers (if you can). Connect with people in Nov. I’ll PM you if you need a contact for the weekend, send me a text. Just keep in mind I sleep at night!

I’m a 30 year ex-dipper on day 54. I never want that shit again. I also know that it only takes 1 moment, 1 trigger, 1 stupid ass idea and I’m back to 0.

Connect to this site, be a man of your word. Don’t break down and dip. You signed the roll, now you are quit. Post everyday and keep your word.

If you need to bitch, whine contact one of us, post a message, go scream in the woods. DO NOT DIP.

Welcome brother, stay quit, keep reading, drink lots of water, embrace the fog!


QUOTE (kb81 @ Aug 6, 2010, 3:00 pm)

Yup, exactly what he said. I’m on day 107. Right now, it’s going to suck and it’s going to suck badly for you. BUT…we ALL have been at your place. There is a correlation here with success and how much time one is willing to give on this site. If one strays from this site, the chances of success drops tremendously. This being said, NEVER miss roll call, especially when you are PRE-HOF. There’s no excuse anyway to miss roll call, but nonetheless, the PRE-HOF is EXTREMELY important.

Many good things will come out of your quit and this one, in my opinion is one of the best things for me: taking my quit to a new level. You see, right now you have decided to quit and that is great. This is the first step towards success. Once you hit the day 50ish mark (for me at least) you begin seeing it in a different way. I used Hooch heavily, but stopped around day 50ish, because I didn’t “need” it (by the way, we don’t need this shit; moreover, this is what the nicotine is telling our brains). I was pissed off at the big tobacco company for making such a product that I had to continually use a non-tobacco product to get by my day. Let me tell you this, Hooch is AMAZING!!! Use it now and do whatever it takes to keep the real crap out of your face. BUT, with that being said, you will reach a point in your quit when you no longer want it and will become pissed off. At that point, you have taken your quit to a higher level. Make no mistake about it, all it takes is one little eff up on your part and you have fallen to ground zero.

Failure is not an option. We don’t use words such as “try” here or “I think I can”…bs…in the words of Nike, “Just do it!” Now, post up roll and NEVER cave. You do not want to face us if you have caved, trust me.

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