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Sadness Turns To Motivation

Sadness - Inside Out

There’s nothing sadder than going back and re-reading a Hall of Fame speech of someone who’s caved. If you read their words they are full of hope. Full of pride. Full of success.

And then you realize that sometime after they wrote that speech they failed. They went back to the can, went back to their addiction that they fought so hard to get away from.

But then you remember that could be you. That YOU could fall prey to the Nicotine Bitch once again. And the fight isn’t over no matter how many days of freedom you have behind you.

And then someone else’s failure becomes a motivation so intense you wish you could bottle it and give it to other people. Freedom, and especially freedom that YOU fought for, is an amazing thing.

If you’ve never written a Hall of Fame speech I’d urge you… no beg you… to do it. Even if you’re YEARS past the Hall of Fame, you never know when YOUR words will touch someone.

And if you never have, I’d urge you to go back through the archives and read some other speeches. I do it nearly every morning and it continues to revitalize my quit, even in times when my battle with nicotine is the last thing on my mind.

Cheers to you brothers and sisters… it’s an honor to be quit with you today. ~ Chewie October ’06 ~ NAFAR

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