2019 HOF Speeches

I Chose Life Over Death

KTC You Are In ControlHello My name is Aaron and I am an ADDICT

Yes i used the word addict and I will always use it. I will always be addicted to the drug called nicotine. I may not be a user but I am addict and that’s the reason I am still using Kill The Can and that’s why I’m a lifetime member.

It started out about 10 years ago while playing music with a couple buddies of mine in a shed. One guy says, “aaron I will not play unless you put a dip in”. As you can assume I put a dip in. I kept putting that nasty dead plant in my lip for 10 years. I’m not putting the blame on anyone but myself because only you can make decisions for yourself.

Spending over $6 a day on cancer you realize  now how much money you wasted those year. All the family who didn’t want to go out in public with you….

I could not have came this far without the help of so many people. To name drop a little Chris2Alaska, UncleRico, Rick Jr , Dawgs and the rest of my May 19 FAMILY.

See what I did there? When I first came to this site I was so confused as to what it was about..

Well look up to the top right corner of your device it states Brotherhood + Accountability = Success.

Without the constant thought of not letting my brothers down it helped me pass my first day, first week, and first 100

I just want all you visitors to know without the Brotherhood of KTC I couldn’t have quit Big tobacco.

Thank you KTC, I owe you all my life.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member AWright2262

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