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Bacc-Off Smooth Peach Pouch Review

Baccoff Smooth Peach Pouches FeatureBack on this Father’s Day morning with a new product from one of the original players in the smokeless alternative market – Bacc-Off.  They continue to innovate and introduce additional products and flavors which I absolutely applaud. Introducing Bacc-Off Smooth Peach Pouches!

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Bacc-Off Smooth Peach Pouches

As always with Bacc-Off products you get a simply outstanding smell as soon as you pop open the can. They always have and continue to go out of their way to make their flavors and smells as similar to real tobacco products as possible. I realize it sounds silly but I always like to point that out. When you sample as many flavored fake dips as I do you’d be surprised at how often they don’t smell or taste like the flavor that’s advertised. Bacc-Off Peach smells and tasted like PEACH.

I was never a big flavored dip guy but this one is really good. It’s got a strong peach flavor. Not the moistest pouch I’ve ever tried but certainly not dry by any stretch of the imagination. This pouch produces more than enough nice dark brown saliva if you’re a spitter, though with these you don’t have to. If they’re not moist enough for you add a drop or two of water (or whiskey 😉 ) and you’ll be good to go. Pop open the can add a few drops, put the top back on and shake the hell out of it.

I always sample with two pouches. These lasted quite a long time, nearly my entire 40 minute commute before losing steam. Great alternative that’s well worth a shot.

Final Thoughts

There are other peach alternative products on the market but I’m pretty sure that Bacc-Off Simple Peach are the first peach pouches out there. Great news for pouch fans. I’ve said in the past that as I get further and further along in my quit I’m becoming a huge fan of pouches simply for the cleanup factor. If you were a fan of peach flavored chew I’d give this a STRONG recommend and say its definitely worth trying. Not the moistest of the Bacc-Off products I’ve tried but it was great nonetheless.

You can order Bacc-Off directly from their website or on Amazon.

Special thanks to Anna from Bacc-Off for providing samples for me to try and review.

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Have you tried Bacc-Off Smooth Peach Pouches? Let us know what you think below!

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