I Just Don’t Get It

ConfusedIn the past couple of days I’ve seen a couple of my good friends leave the boards.  The reason?  It felt like punching a clock.  I’ve had another friend come back to the boards only to tell me that after 1,000 + days he went back to the can.  The reason?  He went away from the board and thought he could go it alone.  After some time away he figured he could have “just one.”  There’s another guy with 1,000 + days behind him that hasn’t been returning phone calls, texts or emails… This is not a good sign.  I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but this doesn’t look good.

I often hear people tell me that the only time they think about dip is when they’re on the boards.  They figure that if they stop coming then they won’t think about dip.  Everything that we do at QSX is all about accountability.  If putting my name on a roll call each and every day is all that it takes to keep me quit then you can be damn sure that I’m going to continue to do it for as long as I can.  I’ve worked too damn hard for too damn long to go back to the can now.  Quite honestly I don’t WANT to forget about dip.  It’s a part of my life and always will be.  The Nic Bitch won’t ever go away, but I can keep her at bay by putting my name on a line.

For what it’s worth I’m glad my buddy came back… maybe this time he’ll pull his head out of his ass before going back to the can.  Or better yet, maybe he won’t leave the boards this time and think he can have “just one”.

As for the guy that’s missing… let me hear from you brudda.

+1 tomorrow.  See everyone on roll.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member Chewie

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  1. I’m 1,139 days quit and posting my commitment everyday is how I do it. I see no reason to change just because I’m past some magical number boundary. I’m convinced if I left the boards I would fold in a few months, that might change in the future, but not today, nor tomorrow. Good post Chewie.

  2. “The only time I think about dip is when I’m on the site”……….
    Generally used as a feeble excuse for guys looking to step away from the site and stop posting roll…..

    With that said, it’s probably true for me as well. At almost 900 days the only time I guess that I really think about dip is when I’m on the site. However, there are 3 other things I also think about that deeply overshadow any feeble lingering thoughts about my previous love affair with tobacco. Those 3 things are:
    1. The power of accountability
    2. The gratitude and sincerity of someone trying to help someone else
    3. The bonds of people in a shared mission.

    When I look at KTC now and make my morning roll call I suppose I’ll cast a glance over at the nic bitch from time to time. But more importantly I’ll think about those 3 things above that I value much more than any can of dip.
    I won’t say that I’ll post roll forever and I don’t have to. I will post roll today and I’ll do it again tomorrow and let forever get worked out in the process.

  3. Thanks Chewie, some good words and I can attest, accountability is the key, but you also need the personal support group… 5 calls!?!?! Right!!! I appreciate you, your haed work and support!!!

  4. Good reminder. I just passed 1,000 days and get pretty lazy with roll call. I always pop in on the site though and sometimes I post on one site and not the other or talk to my quittin’ buds on facebook but it is all about the accountability. Proud to be quit with all of you.

  5. First off i would like to introduce my self as the new guy since febuary 24 of 2010. I am still on my quit journey and have not had any nicotene since my quit date. I feel that i need to appologize tho because i do not post roll everyday, i dont get to use a computer everday but i am doing what i am able to. This has been a tough road for me so far, I feel like i am a monster unleashed. there is nolonger a drug there to manage my anger and emotions like nicotene did. I look at it as a way of zen, i just have to get in touch with ME and I have to manage my life now! NO LONGER WILL THE CAN MANAGE MY LIFE OR ACTIONS! txt messages do help with my struggle to let me know i am not alone in this. Thank you everyone.

  6. Thanks Chewie, I was thinking some of the same thoughts tonight. I do not have near the number of days as many on the boards but believe me, I know the value of quitting each day.

    I will be at roll tomorrow.

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