Ode To a Quitters ABC’s


Last night I sat in Chat, and something dawned on me: The best way to describe your Quit is easy as A-B-C. It’s simple to remember, quirky and kinda fun, I bet even the newbs, will get it and not feel dumb! ADMIT you are an addict, cause that is … Continue reading

How To Post Roll At KillTheCan.org – Video

KTC Forums

Everything we do at KillTheCan.org centers around accountability.  Accountability to ourselves and to our brothers and sisters in quit.  One of the main functions of our support forums is posting roll. Posting roll is our daily promise that we will not use nicotine in any form for that day. We take our … Continue reading

Ode To Day 83 – The Funk Sets In

Detective Comics83

Another day clean, but it started out rough, Sometimes it’s the little things that make our quits tough. Maybe its a smell, or something that we see. For me it’s a place that always tempts me. I’m the first in my office, the only one here, I could always put … Continue reading