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Jake’s Mint Chew Receives USDA Organic Certification

USDA is proud to share the news that our friends at Jake’s Mint Chew have recently received their USDA Organic Certification for all eight flavors of their mint snuff!  Adam from the company sent us the following press release:

Jake’s Mint Chew Receives USDA Organic Certification for Non Tobacco Chew Products

Now an Even Healthier, More Flavorful Chewing Tobacco Alternative on the Market

Danvers, MA – Jake’s Mint Chew, a locally manufactured, all natural mint chew designed to help tobacco users switch to a healthier, fresher dipping option, has received USDA Organic Certification for all eight flavors of their mint snuff. Since starting the business just over two years ago, Jake’s Mint Chew Founder, Jake Sweeney has been adamant about using the best organic ingredients available for his products, and now has the certification to prove it.

“USDA Organic Certification confirms the commitment we’ve made at Jake’s Mint Chew to provide our customers all over the world with the healthiest option to help them stop chewing tobacco,” explains Sweeney.

To ensure their product is entirely USA-grown and organic, each tin of Jake’s Mint Chew starts with pre-dried mint from trusted growers in the Pacific Northwest. Within their Massachusetts facility, the mint is blended with organic flavoring and organic vegetable glycerin, a natural preservative to keep the mint fresh. While the company demands the best ingredients, they remain very price conscious for the consumer, keeping tins under $3 each; up to half the cost of a tin of chewing tobacco.

Being certified as organic is a fitting addition to the already numerous health benefits of mint, including improved digestion, elimination of toxins in the body, nausea and headache cessation, appetite suppression, and opening up congestion of nose, throat, bronchi and lungs. For Sweeney however, the greatest health benefit of Jake’s Mint Chew is helping people to quit chewing tobacco.

For more information about all eight mouthwatering flavors of Jake’s Mint Chew, including Kola, their newest flavor, visit

About Jakes Mint Chew
Jake’s Mint Chew is a non-tobacco, all natural, long cut chew made of mint instead of tobacco, manufactured in Danvers, MA. Jake’s Mint Chew packs like real long cut chewing tobacco; not overly gummy like other brands. It’s nicotine-free, good for digestion, and leaves users with fresh breath! Jake’s Mint Chew is averaging a well over 85% growth rate year over year, nationwide and international, with repeat sales skyrocketing as a result of increased quality control, fulfillment time, and customer service. To further ensure quality, the company has established a recall program, company handbook, Board of Health Certification, and independent lab perishable test. Jake’s Mint Chew is available in eight delicious flavors: Straight Mint, Wintergreen, Spearmint, Cinnamon, Licorice, Cherry, Cranberry, and their newest flavor, Kola.

For more information on Jake’s Mint Chew, please contact Adam Benezra at

In addition to the exciting news about the USDA certification, I wanted to point out that this release also makes mention of a new flavor from Jake’s called “Kola”.  I’ve not had an opportunity to try this flavor yet, but you can rest assured that I’ll get my hands on a can and post a review shortly.  Congrats on your certification guys!

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