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Enough Stress – Why I Quit and Who Helped Me

Don't Fight Change - Embrace ItBefore I quit dipping I always said I would quit when I had less stress but nothing was farther from the truth. I quit when I had probably the most stress I have ever had. I quit on November 17, 2012 thanks to some very helpful pushing from Waketech.

I’m only 28 but I’ve dipped for 18 years. I started out very early and it started out as a joke but in the end it turned into a habit for me. At age 10 I didn’t realize how hard this addiction would be to break. For more than half my life, I knew how to “cope” with things by using nicotine. My mom found out when I was 14 that I was dipping and tried everything she could to get me to quit but never was successful because I didn’t want it. My mom was my best friend growing up. And the one thing she always wanted for me was to be tobacco free. She never got to see a single day since I quit. She passed May 4th, 2012 of breast cancer at the age of 47.

When I finally quit, Emotions were high already. I had just lost my mom to cancer less than 6 months before I quit. My grandfather passed in October, 2012 and my brother kept saying “They come in threes. I wonder who the third one will be.” I decided that I wouldn’t be the third one with waketech’s help. On top of all the death in my family, I’m going through a divorce with my son’s mother who picked up while we were living in NY and moved back to VA with my son, without even telling my family she was leaving or where she was going.

What more stress could I have besides possibly having cancer? As far as I’m concerned, that’s enough stress for me. I’ve made it 100 days and I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs and wouldn’t be here without a few very specific friends. The ones that I feel have been the biggest help to me in no particular order are waketech, 05wrxing, kdip, redyota, dannocan, 2mch2lv4, WMCatty, CDaniels, SudsMcCracken, BigWhiteBeast, and Timeless117. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few people so I hope you will all forgive me since its been a long night at work and i haven’t slept yet because I know some of you are looking forward to reading this. Thank you to all of you who have helped me make it to 100 days. I hope you will all be there with me for the rest of this journey.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member ffmoofus

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