2013 HOF Speeches

KKLJINC’s HOF – The Asshole

Ass You Few Questions

The Asshole:

105 days in on a habit that spanned at least 8760, days? When you look at it like that, I’ve got a long way to go.

My Love affair with nic, started when I was 6, hey dad let me have a puff of that cigar, sure son… what an asshole. Hey dad, let me try that Redman, sure son… what an asshole. Hey dad let me have an entire cigar, sure son… what an asshole.

Using off and on whenever I could, supplied by lots of different people… what assholes.

13 years old, working as a hunting guide on a ranch in Coalinga California, everyone chewed, to my boss, hey Larry, let me have a chew, Sure Jeff… what an asshole.

Me in a chewing bliss until 1999, I had a dip in when my daughter was born… what an asshole.

Me in a chewing bliss, until 2001, when my second was born, I had a dip in when she came into this world… what an asshole.

Back in a chewing bliss until somewhere around 2004, when my oldest spit on the ground, said she wanted to be like me, kept going, just gutted it… What an asshole

2004, while fishing with my brother, (he was quit for at least 3 years) He asked for a chew, I tossed him one. Watched his cave, and was glad to have him back to dipping with me… WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE (sorry Scott, who still chews)

2004 through Feb 27, 2013:

I gutted a can a day of that evil weed. It was not bad enough that I was setting myself up for mouth cancer, let’s add, throat, and maybe toss in a little stomach cancer too. I thought I was cool, because I could gut it… what an asshole. Stopped once, then started again, and I would pour my chew into a Smokey Mountain can… What an asshole. Wrote up an employee, undoubtedly with a lip full for violating our tobacco policy… what an arrogant asshole. I have let both of my kids take a puff of Dad’s cigar, like father like son… what an asshole. Went through this life in a nicotine filled bliss, if you did not like my habit, fuck you… what an asshole. I could go on… dipped in church, funerals, Christmas, Easter, bedroom and everywhere else appropriate or not… What an ASSHOLE.

Feb 28, 2013:

Day 1, still an asshole.

June 12, 2013:

Day 105, still an asshole, but I am nicotine free. I am an addict, but I have quit for today. Lord help me, I will promise again with my brothers and sisters tomorrow. Day 105 of 8,760… Hope I can get all that lost time back. Honorable mentions: Evil-won Jan 2013, Wade, June 2013, Yogi June 2013, Srans May 2013, 2mch2lv4 Oct12. Without KTC and you hard asses I would not be here. Thank you all! QLF, NAFAR, ODAAT

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member KKLJINC

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