2013 HOF Speeches

My Journey To the HOF – Hunter401’s HOF Speech

Hunter401 avatarWow! I made it through 100 days of no Skoal Pouches! Man, I have had some days that they called out to me constantly. I have had some days that they barely crossed my mind. But what did cross my mind was that I made a pledge to a group of guys that I didn’t know that I would not go back to the nicotine death trap. Some of them checked up on me and I greatly appreciate that. Others silently cheered from the edge as every day passed for each of us. But we made it to 100 days and are sighted in om 200 and beyond.

There are many in my group that I need to thank. They challenged me and checked on me. MikeLand. Tazbutane, Wastepanel, and Sportsfan231, my sincere thanks.

There is one more person not in the group that I owe my progress to also. He placed a KTC HOF coin in some pictures of firefighting  equipment one day at a training burn here in middle Georgia. I was there, dipping away. My blood pressure ran high on the medical screening, so I wasn’t allowed to go interior. That was okay as someone had to run the trucks and watch the outside. A few weeks later, I got the pictures from everyone that was taking them that day and found that little coin posing so neatly. The weird part, I don’t know who it was that had it that day, but whoever you are, THANKS! It kept nagging me until I looked it up online.

Then the site kept drawing me back. Over several weeks I checked the site out and read the forum. You see, I was looking for an out to the dip and just needed the right escape plan. The forum landed it for me! Within a few days, several guys took me in and started keeping tabs on me. That was 100 days ago. After more than half of my 46 years here on Earth, I chewed or dipped. Now I am looking forward to however many I have left without it!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Hunter401

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