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My Ongoing Quit

KTC Logo Blue100 days and the beginning of another section in my life. At age 37 I had been dipping that shit for over 19 years. I honestly tried quitting about 2 dozen times using every reason and every pill\patch\gum that you could think of and every damn time I allowed myself to cave in and start all over again. Thinking about it now, I have to wonder why?? Why the hell did I want to go thru this shit all over again that many times? Who the hell knows. But then I was searching around the internet one day and came upon this site and sat there and read the stories and decided to give it a shot. That’s when I found the strength of this site and group. I am not going to sit here and say that I used every portion of the site to its fullest or that that I posted everyday (Which I should have). Hell I don’t even think I have more then a few numbers at best. But I can tell you that this site is a god send. When I needed it, I would go on here and look over people’s comments and the fact that I made a promise and it would pull me thru time after time. The best thing about it is that people don’t pull any punches, but at the same time they will watch over people and have their backs in a pinch. As my name says, I want to thank everyone for helping me take back my freedom, I know it is not done by a long damn shot, but going to war is hell of a lot easier with an army then by running into battle by yourself!.. One of the best and weirdest things about this whole trip is that today as I hit 100 days without the nic bitch, it is also my son’s birthday! This was not intentional at all but maybe, just maybe someone is saying that this time I did the right thing and took the right steps and that I will not have to rely on some lying crap that sits in my mouth to get thru the day. I will keep posting and will keep being part of this site. If anyone, anywhere is reading this and is a shy person like I was, feel free to PM me and I will give you my number. Trust me it is easier to make friends and become close with the people here, That is the one thing I would do different, but like I said this is just the beginning and this train is not about to stop now!! Thanks to all who I have talked to and who I never have, both in and out of my group. You have all helped in ways that are too many to list!!

(Howard from MN)

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member got2bfree

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