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New Look For KTC

Changes AheadAs you may have seen in your social media timelines this morning I’m making quite a few changes to the main site. has ‘looked’ about the same for the better part of seven years now. I’ve been contemplating making a change for quite some time now and this morning I finally took the plunge and started in.

First of, I’ll apologize again for what appeared to be me spamming your social media profiles. I imported a bunch of sample data and forgot that when I did that it would auto post to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Those have been cleaned up.

At the same time, if you are one of the 7,000 people that has signed up for email updates when new content is posted the site you also got a SLEW of emails announcing this new DEMO content. I’m sorry that it happened… 100% my fault.

All of that said, as you can see from viewing this post things are very different. I’m not done by any stretch (as you can see) but know that I’m working on getting things finished and polished as soon as possible.

The MAIN reason we thought it was time for a new site was for the MOBILE experience. Hopefully this new site is MUCH easier to read on your mobile device.

Stay tuned… lots of good stuff on the horizon!


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