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Done ForGood

I'm DoneThis is my 2nd time making it to 100 days with KTC. That first quit was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and also the most proud of myself I’ve ever been. I changed as a person when I quit tobacco.

Quitting tobacco forced me to find my identity and what I represent/value. I no longer had a crutch. I’m actually grateful for tobacco and how tough it is to quit. It made me calloused. It shows me what I’m capable of. Quitting gave me my self belief back. There was a domino effect when I quit; it really was a turning point for me.

I left KTC after 100 days during my first quit because I thought the addict me was a shadow I left behind. I thought I was in control. This second time quitting taught me almost as much as the first. I learned that there is no running away from the addict I was because I am an addict. For life. I can’t get rid of that guy.

Knowing this, I attach myself to the KTC ship and all the great people here. Because I know if I’m here I’ll rise with the tide and not be left behind. Behind represents the guy I don’t want to be. KTC represents the man my family needs me to be.

Thank you for this site and everyone who keeps it afloat. IQWYT


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member ForGood

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