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No Broken Promises – The Gift of Quit

ChickDip celebrated her comma by heading to the poker table. She’s certainly gone “all in” with her quit. Congrats!!! 

ChickDip Poker Table

The thing that have made the biggest impact on me here and for my quit is everyone else I’ve come in contact with through all the days. I owe my quit to all those who’ve constantly pulled me out of my funks, rages, tears, freak-outs, and built me back up while I was learning how to deal with things without the mask of nicotine. To all those that have laughed with me, such strong medicine, to those who protected me and my quit over and over again, you are special people. Thank you.

ChickDip CommaHow strong I was to be, was measured by how much I allowed others to help and how much I was willing to comply to mirroring strong quitters before me. I needed to put myself out there, becoming transparent and visible. Making connections proved to be the most valuable thing that happened for me.

Even with all that, and the strength I have gained in some areas, I can still be stressed and it triggers a crave or a want, and I’ll have THAT thought. The only thing different is I won’t cave to the mind-set of being needy or weak. I am not needy, I am not weak. I do become weary, but I am a strong person, and part of that is because I have support here. I have “my people”, the KTC community. I love my people. They would kick my ass if I ever caved. More importantly, they would then have a way out of their quit as well if I caved. I respect all of them way too much to be weak and a coward. Stick with the people who strengthen you and your quit. Look for support and accountability there, stop looking where it isn’t. Don’t push it away and expect it to be there when you need it. We need people in our lives, we need community to thrive, it’s no different here.

Since we live in a cooperative and interdependent society, your actions will always affect someone else. The only way for your actions to affect no one but yourself is to live alone on an island. No man is an island. A human is a social being that cannot exist without his fellows. No one is self-sufficient and everyone relies on another for survival.

Being alone is not the answer, we are a team, a group, a family, a forum who relies on each other. One of the beautiful things about this entire community is that you, higher day count, lower day count, all have helped me and my fellow quitters stay quit. It’s not just a one man show and wouldn’t work if it was. It’s takes a multitude of quit to form the solid ground to make us successful.

In a world of broken promises, this is one I can and must keep, every day. So I stay here, posting roll every day. I don’t stop because, to me, it’s a daily guarantee I’ll stay quit. I also stay for the ones who help me and for the ones I am helping. Others here show me that longevity can be achieved daily. I’ll pay that forward with a simple daily promise.

“The hypocrisy of her word should she fail would be shattering; and therefore failure is not an option”

Be transparent. Be teachable. Make contacts. Don’t isolate yourself. Allow others to help. Help others. Use your tools. Stay the course. Stay strong. Stay connected. Quit Hard.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member ChickDip

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