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No More Dip

KTC Circle of LifeWhen I was 13 I had my first dip. It was amazing. I wasn’t hooked until I was fifteen. I loved the flavored Skoals for a while but settled on my all-time favorite- Skoal Straight Long Cut- The color of that can made me happy. I never thought it would be a problem for me to quit. I would quit after high school. I would quit after college. I would quit for the next job. I would quit for my next girlfriend… But I never did. Mouth aching, breath stinking, dip shits, spitter spills, spitter sips. (I once took a sip out of the same dip can twice in ten minutes somehow… terrible). I once was packing a can, but the lid wasn’t on tight and I ended up throwing half the can into my ear. Everytime I told my mom I was going fishing, I knew she was shaking her head, knowing that I was going out for a ninja dip. After 10 plus years on the can I finally got into a field I was interested in- Occupational Therapy (helping people live their lives independently is the short explanation). Now here I was in school for this, dipping and smoking cigarettes (I had been a smoker as well since 15). This along with high blood pressure finally pushed me over the edge and on Dec. 28, 2012 I found this website. I actually had a dip in when I found it (with more than half a tin left) and tossed the dip and signed up. Haven’t looked back. I really appreciate the support and fellowship I have felt on this site. Thank you to all my fellow quitters on this site who have struggled through the quit. Thanks Spartanron and Nickald for the communication. I can now walk through the woods, hunt, fish, study, drive, watch tv, cook out, get angry, get frustrated, get sad, celebrate, hang out, unwind, relax without tobacco or nicotine. Sometimes I think, “wow, this is a perfect time for a dip,” but I swear it feels just as good slapping the nic bitch in her fat lip and walking away from her. Keep fighting the good fight. I know I am and it feels good. Never thought I’d be here today, but I am.

Thanks Kill the Can.

I know I will succeed, because I am a man of my word.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member newleaf

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