Ode To The Quitter

Ode To Day 76 – Standing In Line Behind Addiction

Union 76Last night at the store, it kinda scared me,
The bitch in the can had me frozen like a tree!
The guy in front had just bought a can,
I tried telling him, it was all a big scam!
I told him I quit 75 days ago
I no longer needed the “In the can” ho.
He smiled as he said, “well good for you”!
Then gave me a wink, and offered a chew…
Now its my turn to smile, as I told him, “I’m done”
That crap ain’t for me, it’s filthy, and no fun!
A smile creased my face, as I left Seven-Eleven,
Tomorrow I’ll proudly post, DAY SEVENTY-SEVEN!!!

NOTE: This is part of the Ode To The Quitter series written by KillTheCan.org forum member Phillip.  For more details see Ode To The Quitter.

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