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Morning Victory at the Convenience Store

KillTheCan VictorySaw this on the forum the other day and I wanted to pass it along as a little pick me up. I LOVE seeing this stuff!

From m5shelly posted in January 2015:

I survived a little milestone today.

I was running late for a conference I had to attend, so I skipped making coffee, and decided to stop and buy a cup from a convenience store. I went to the same store I bought my Skoal Extra Pouches at for years; the same clerk was working who used to remember the exact brand and quantity I always purchased without me even saying.

She rang up the coffee, and gestured that she would turn around to grab the tobacco, but she knew she hasn’t seen me in months, so she knew I had quit.

I told her about my quit. It was nice spending $0.94 as opposed to $25/week.

This sort of stuff gets my quit blood pumping. I LOVE seeing these victories and even though I’m sitting here at 3,144 days quit its wins like this that keeps my quit strong. Way to go Shelly!

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