Ode To The Quitter

Ode to the Quitter

Dip RingI’m thrilled to announce a new segment here on KillTheCan.org which we’ll be calling Ode To The Quitter.  We are blessed within the quitter community to have some exceptionally gifted writers, bloggers, etc. and this new segment is brought to us by one of them.  Phillip is a fellow quitter that right around day 66 of his quit began writing these little Odes to his quit.  He’d share them in a private Facebook group on a daily basis.  I asked him if he’d mind if I archived them here on the blog so those outside of that group could also enjoy them and he graciously agreed.

They’re full of his feelings toward his addiction and show in a very real way his journey through his first 100 days and beyond.  I can’t promise that I’ll be posting a new one every day, but they’ll all be archived right here on this page so feel free to check back if you’ve missed one.  I want to offer my sincere thanks to Phillip for writing them and for allowing me to share them with the rest of the KillTheCan.org community through this blog.


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