2007 HOF Speeches

Quit! Russter’s Long Overdue HOF Speech!

KTC Quit Groupsquit [ kwit ]
verb (past and past participle quit or quit·ted, present participle quit·ting, 3rd person present singular quits)

Definition:1. transitive and intransitive verb stop doing something: to stop doing something, especially something bad or irritating.

Quit chewing tobacco because it WILL kill you! 

There are more definitions for the word “quit”, but this one fits my little speech.

To stop doing something bad or irritating…let’s see…can we break this down?

Something bad? 

How about dying a little bit every single time you put that crap in your mouth?
How about your gums receding until all your teeth are ready to fall out?
How about the stain it puts on your teeth?
How about the odor it gives your mouth?


How many people have you lied to because of dip?
How many times have you left a function because of dip?
How many times have you spilled your spitter?
How many times did you drink from that spitter?
How long are you going to be a slave to a damn weed?

These are just a few examples of why to quit. But the real reason is up to you! Me, I decided a year ago to quit. I had had it! Been a slave to a damn weed for over 30 years and realized that enough was enough. All the time and money I wasted for a little worm dirt to put in my lip. Wasn’t worth it to me anymore.

One day I am surfing the net and type in “quit chewing” on Google. Lo and behold a site pops up that offers real help and real accountability. I’m thinking “yeah…sure…they will be like all the other sites…talk a good game, but never get out of the dugout!” W-R-O-N-G!!

These guys not only talked the talk, they walked the walk. They had been there. They had faced the demon and kicked its ass!

They “forced” me to sign a “roll call” on a daily basis and told me that by doing that very thing that I have promised to not have any dip for that day.They also told me that one day at a time was all I was gonna worry about…because that was all that mattered. I’d never heard that before, but it sure sounded good to me.

I signed up.

Next thing you know, I’m being called a fag from something called a “WhoDey”! What the hell is a “WhoDey”? Turns out a “WhoDey” is a homosexual that molests goats! Who knew?! But he also turned out to be a guy you wanted in your corner when quitting! (as long as you have no goats)

Talk about support…this guy has it!There were many other vets who helped me get started, I can’t name all of them, but you know who you are and I THANK YOU! The ones that stick out the most are…Cliff, Remshot, LooT, ODT, 7Iron…man there are so many more vets….just know that I thank you all!

I was placed in a group of quitters that had all quit about the same time as I did. It was the Oct 2006 group and it is called the “Cohesive Units”. The group was named by a vet named Cliff who is no longer with us. (Cliff…I know you are looking over my shoulder as I type this and I want you to know that you were absolutely HUGE in my quit and I am sorry that you were taken from us before I could tell you that!)

4 days after I joined, this little “imp” joins up and more or less “takes over”. This little imp had more to do with my quit than I think I did! Phone calls, private messages, phone calls and more freaking phone calls. Iuchewie…thanks brother…I literally owe you my life!

To the Units: Stacy, Steevo, Lobo, Kid, Malibu, GiKea, SirDipNoMore, GMS, grin, Tennessee Mike, SBTZC, Ignatius, and any of the others I may have missed…we fought like brothers, and laughed like best friends…but I would not have wanted to go through the hell that is quitting with any other group of folks! Ya’all are family…always will be!

Thanks for saving my life.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Russter

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