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I Need Help – Mij Hits the Hall of Fame

Mij avatarI wasn’t all that young when I started chewing tobacco. Some of you guys started when you were young and quit by the age I was starting, I started at age 25.

My wife had actually thought I quit or tried quitting much more than I had. I hid it well or thought I did. One day approximately 150 days ago my 7 year old son came out of the bathroom with a can in his hand and asked “what’s this? Holding a can of snuff he had found in his drawer behind his toothpaste.

I’ve had health issues and I had insomnia trouble. I questioned whether tobacco played a part in these things but the bottom line-I was addicted and couldn’t stop if I wanted to. I always bought two cans at a time, have a dip, start tremoring, throw away the two cans and say that was it. Then do it all over again, then back to the C store three hours later.

I worked for a water company. I’d get called out at night on emergencies, water main breaks really suck in the winter. I really hated getting called out but sometimes laying awake at night I’d be wishing for the phone to ring so I could go on the main break and have a reason to chew.

I let my wife know I had a real problem and we prayed about what to do. I was on the computer again looking for some kind of help, don’t know why I didn’t find this site sooner, but plugged in quitting tobacco for a search and found this site. I had never dealt with a forum on a web site before. I signed up immediately and my guardian angel seemed to appear. Some guy named Chewie was on the other end of the site. I got a friendly email and phone number for support in less than one minute. I felt there was hope. this was an answer to my prayer, lights came on.

I didn’t know how much of a problem I had until I was at this site, I can’t believe I played with this crap for 20 years . I tried to have this speech ready at 100 days but I’ve wanted to say so much to all of you and didn’t know how. You have all played a part in one way or another in helping me. Thank you all so much. This site can never stop, because of the desperation that I had and the desperation of thousands of addicted newbies out there. Where will they go?

117 days- Christmas day and my older son has summed it up by giving me a framed picture that he made and it says “Kick The Can” and that’s what I’m doing!

“Your quit brother Jimmy”

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Mij

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