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QUOTE (animal5473 @ Oct 7, 2008, 7:53 am)
I have one thing to say after I’ve read all the BC posts and everyone else’s posts. I know you guys talk the shit but I’m getting tired of the games. You know it seems like caving and then the ass chewing is becoming a game to most people. How does that work? It seems like there is no seriousness to this shit. THIS IS LIFE / DEATH. I just don’t get the joke. I take this serious. I completely agree w/ BBJ. I think this isn’t a joke and I wish everyone else would see this too

QUOTE (11X4 @ Oct 7, 2008, 6:45 am)

You know what Animal, you’re right on the money here. Being 11×4 has only helped me quit because 11×4 is me, Corey. I am exactly what you see from me on this board. My wife is right there by my side on the names and faces page because she is a huge part of who I am. My kids would be there too, but this is still the internet and I am not a trusting person when it comes to my kids. This is not dress up time, this is not a night on stage. This is real life. Our bonds with other quitters on this board is how the accountability is formed.

“B to the effin C” has gone to great lengths to admittedly pretend to be some billy bad ass. I’ve read several posts from him letting everyone know that’s not him in real life. But that’s all i know about his real life. I’ve read way more about he is the “muscle” of Aug08 and will rip my arms off and blah blah blah. So he posted day 1 for the 3rd time yesterday. I hope that this time “B to the effin C” will just be Chad or whatever his name is and just stay quit.

The more you take this community seriously and allow it into your life, the more effective it will be for your quit. I’m not talking about taking it to the level of a cult here. I’m saying that I have REAL friendships with these guys and gals. On Sunday, I’m getting together with some extremely close friends. Some I’ve met, some I get to meet for the first time. But they have earned the title of my friend, and that’s not something that an internet personality earns. That is what makes QSX the difference.

QUOTE (animal5473 @ Oct 7, 2008, 7:53 am)

Yes I agree. I think that is what has helped me out. What you see from me is exactly how I am in real life. I am here as Me. I might have my Animal nick (But that is my real nick from college). I am Dean and proud of who i’ve become in life and also on here. I just keep my honest persona who I am. I don’t pretend to be anyone I am not. I bare it all. I’ve also created the friendships that are important to me on here. I talk w/ Bones, Mustang, BBJ, Ferret, Insane, Theo, all of them. I can’t wait for the day I can walk up and shake everyone’s hands and tell them what they actually truly mean to me. My quit is mine. No one will take it away except me. I practice everyday waking up and keeping the quit. There are days it’s a struggle w/ life’s pressure. But I am here and will be here. Not just after the HOF. But I am here to support and be supported. I keep track of everyone that i run into and have their numbers. I will not leave any man behind. We have to be there for each other because even though the quit is ours we should do what we need to do to bring everyone along w/ us w/ the support we can give. One day I told Mustang the only thing I ever require from him is that what ever I give him he must always give it back to someone else. I don’t want anything else. Even if that means you see someone on the side of the road you MUST stop and help them. Who knows what the destiny is. We don’t know what plan we have in this world. Whether it is to support a brother (you never know), or to just give someone assistance.

Always remember if you are driving and someone pisses you off don’t always just fly the bird. Who knows maybe they have had a worse day. Just smile at them and wish them well. I know its easier said then done but live by it. It could change someone’s life and they’ll pass the good deed on to the next.

I just don’t understand where the world is coming too? What ever happened to have a great day? Opening the doors for strangers? Shouldn’t we get back to our grass roots? Same goes here, support and then the support will come back to you. I know this is biblical but, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Not do unto others before they do to you. Think about it guys before you start acting like shit on here and just blowing smoke. Do you think that is the best? Yes there is a level of tough love and I will still practice that. Caves piss me off and make me worried. But still come on and live this life that was given to you and bring the circle of life back around.


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