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Sorry I Kicked The Door Down I Was Excited

Kick Door DownWhat is 100 days of quit to me? 100 days of quit is a series of quit days stacked together without a pause that takes me one day closer to walking my daughter down the aisle at her wedding 20 years from now. 100 days is watching my son play pro baseball 20 years from now. Quit or die, It’s your choice is what I told myself everyday. When I needed inspiration I reread the Kearns story or looked at the cancer pictures. That is going to be me. I can fix this. I will fix this. I do fix this Every Day. Every day I wake up and make up my mind to not be weak and embrace this suck, I fix this with all of you, of course. I was always a cheater when I quit. I convinced myself that just once isn’t going to hurt. I would buy a can just in case. Those “just in case” cans of cope long cut or grizzly wintergreen or packs of Marlborough and the lies I told myself lasted 23 years.

I started using tobacco at the age of 13. I have wasted a large part of my life trying to make room for the worst decision I ever made. I, like many others, would spend less time with people to spend more time with tobacco. What a loser I was. I know I was not the only one in here who took time away from the birth of their children to have a “celebratory” smoke or dip. These tobacco companies don’t deserve my life and memories with my family. My family deserve to make these memories every day. The more I think about it the more convinced I am that I am stronger than this crap. I am not going to cave. Not today because I promised myself and all of you. I promised today to quit even when the odds are stacked against me. I am tired of living my life in death row. Thank you Kill the can you saved my life. I am an addict. My name is StevieG, and today I quit with all of you.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member StevieG

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