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Grizzlyhasclaws, HOF speech – Nurture Your Quit Network

Your Quit NetworkI am honored and proud to have made it to 100 days of quit. Honestly I couldn’t be happier at this very moment.

But, trust me, I know this is just the first minute of the rest of my life. I’ve been to this point on my own. I didn’t have the tools or knowledge, and that’s why I failed before. Now I have tools and knowledge. I will utilize my new tool kit going forward. I am prepared for every circumstance. But am I totally safe with these new tools and this new knowledge? Nope. I am by no means out of the woods.

I need armor, insurance, cohorts, contracts, and blood oaths. I need a daily pledge to stay quit. I need to bone up on my knowledge. I need a team of nic assassins that I can count on. I need to backfill my team of brother quitters, as some will unfortunately fall to the nic bitch. I need accountability at home. I need my wife to question the $4 and $7 charges at the Sunoco and seven eleven. I need to re read the cancer stories. I need to help new quitters. I need brother quitters. I need to post roll.

Basically from where I stand now, if I don’t keep posting roll and don’t nurture my quitter network, I am endangering my quit. I am not strong enough to go it alone. I need KTC. will there be a day when I don’t need KTC? I don’t know. I kind of hope so. But if not then I’m fine with that. Because it is working. It keeps quitting simple. It is saving my life. I have no doubt that I would have been dead or missing vital parts by age 60. The path I was headed down, before that wonderful moment I decided to quit, was a path of self destruction. Now I am cleaning up my life. I am helping others. I am helping myself. I am loving my family. I am on a better path thanks to KTC.

The ups and downs to this point have been well worth it. I don’t regret my past mistakes. That’s pointless and a waste of precious time. I have learned to value time. It is limited and more precious than gold. I chose to add years to my life, more years with my children, better communication with my wife. I wouldn’t have been able to honor those choices without KTC. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. I would be a fool to step away now. I need the accountability and brotherhood. And I have to stay committed. I view these first 100 days as my initial engagement. More battles lie ahead, I know this. This war won’t end unfortunately. It will die down to just periodic little occasional border flare ups. Hopefully nothing like these first 100 days. But I can only stay prepared and keep my tools and knowledge sharp. Luckily KTC provides this free of charge. I am so thankful. Thank you to all of you. Thank you to my Feb 2014 brothers and sisters. I hope to keep being inspired by all of you. Your words and your commitment are the reason I get to enjoy a better life. I am well aware that some of our fellow quitters have far greater challenges and circumstances than I could possibly imagine. Their heroism and continued commitment in the face of unimaginable challenges is awe inspiring.

I would like to name names of all the people integral in helping me make it these first 100 days. But I fear I would leave someone out. There are so many of you that have inspired me. Some of you definitely know who you are. Some of you will never know. Please keep doing what you’re doing. You are what makes this so special.

I quit with all of you. One day at a time.


Aka Claws-thinking of shortening it up to save time posting roll.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member grizzlyhasclaws

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