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_oz avatarI was suppose to do a 100 day HOF speech, but have decided that it should wait til day 200. 

I need this place, as the urge is still there. Why is it there? Because I am an addict. I don’t go a day without thinking about having a dip. 

108 days ago I came here half hearted, not really wanting to quit, but figured WTF. Thought I was a big enough guy that I could do it on my own if I really wanted to. But I wanted to prove 1 person wrong – and Parputt – Thanks! The 108 days have opened my eyes.

I am proud to say I have not had any of that shit in my lip for the past 108 days – but that Nic Bitch haunts me every day. 

So until day 200 — FUCK YOU NIC BITCH!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member _oz

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  1. I am into day 436 praise the lord! Last night I had a vivid dream that that I feel asleep at a party while traveling and work up with chew in my lip. I really thought I had chewed and was pissed I did it and had to start all over again at day 1. When I work up and realized it was a dream, I had to check my lip just to make sure. My point is that it will never go away it even happens while you are asleep and your subconscious mind seek pleasure. I am proud that i work up from that night mare to find out it was just a dream.

  2. I never wrote 100 day speech either. I am over 208+ days strong with no nic bitch and going to wait until 365 days to write my. May 2017 was my 100 day bro’s who all quote Feb2017 with me. I don’t post my quit days anymore. Sometimes I do…Thanks for reading.

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