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The Re-Branding of KTC

KillTheCan LogoEvery now and then change is a very good thing.  For example a while back you were a dipper and now you’re not (I hope).  That’s a positive change.  With that in mind, the admins of have decided to give the site (and more specifically the logo) a facelift.  You can expect this design (in various color schemes) begin to grace the various web properties and merchandise offered from the organization.

What’s Changing?
Just the logo.  Nothing else.  We’re still the same site we’ve always been. The forum is still the same “kick you in the ass until you get it right” place it’s always been. The chat room is still the same bastion of degenerates looking to help that you’ve come to know and love.

KTC Ghostbusters logoWhy The Change?
Well… if you’re referring to why we’re getting rid of the “Ghostbusters” logo it’s pretty simple… we don’t want to have dip can in our logo.  We put our blood sweat and tears into quitting this shit and quite frankly we’re sick of looking at it.  “But I LOVE that logo!!!” you say?  Never fear… you’ll still be able to get “KTC Vintage Logo” gear in the KTC Online Store.

We’ve grown to over 9,000 members and we’re well on our way to 10,000.  The site/organization is changing on a daily basis and it was time for a facelift.  We’ve got some other stuff in the works in the near future… stay tuned and in the meantime be on the lookout for our new logo to begin popping up!

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  1. Digging that new logo. I would rather put that bumper sticker on my truck than the old logo. I am like alot of others and really didn’t want anything to do with dip cans. Thanks to all of the admins for this change. Good job guys.

  2. If you really want people to quit, your logo should be LOOT’s mug. That will scare the quit into anyone.

  3. I can see Sensei’s point but personally I LOVE this new logo and am glad to see the old one retired. Bravo KTC and thank you for saving our lives, one quitter at a time!

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