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Superhero – Freedom Is So Obtainable

SuperherosThe KTC is an extreme quitting website. We place our quits above all else each morning when we post roll. By this simple task, we promise to ourselves and to our brothers (and sisters) in arms that we will fight to our dying breath to keep that promise and to carry anybody else making that promise if necessary.

We are not always strong. That is why we are here.

There are days when my quit is bad fucking ass. Take yesterday for an example. I had my first fantasy football draft, and this one is filled with booze, smokers, and chewers. I even saw an e cig yesterday. Well, while I sat there unfazed by all of the nicotine around me, I took note of how easy it would be to fail. There was a can of Kodiak sitting right next to my buddy’s computer. I could just ask for a hit of a cigarette after we were taking our celebratory tequila shot after the final pick.

But then I realized how easy it would be to succeed.

A can of Smokey Mountain sat in my pocket. My telephone was blowing up with an ongoing chat, and I had hundreds of contacts in my phone that I could reach out to as well if I felt a twinge of want. I stayed in control and came home rather than drink myself silly and crash on the floor. Most importantly, I texted in my roll that morning. My quit was secure, yet the world around me was not. How many times have we heard these stories go the other way? (The answer is plenty.) My quit is mine, and ain’t nobody taking it away from me.

The greatest thing about freedom is that it’s so damn obtainable. It requires a decision, and it requires actions to back up that decision. I want to be quit. I was brave enough to quit. I’m willing to go through any motherfucker and all obstacles to obtain quit.

Most importantly, I do. I quit.

It isn’t always easy, but I got my team behind me willing to step up when necessary.

We aren’t extreme here at the KTC because we can run a quit program like nobody’s business. No. It’s because we don’t leave any soldiers behind. Yeah…I get it. I was bad-ass today. That’s great. Roll call is a seat belt, and that seat belt protects those with blind spots, worn out tires, or just those moments when we have a momentary distraction. Great.

But there will be days when I need roll more than others. I don’t care who the fuck you are. Quit’s are cyclical. When times are good, we practice for the bad. We post roll. We reach out and make new friends. We build others’ quits. When times are bad, well…we fucking take aim and fire every shell we got at this thing.

If you see somebody struggling, don’t fucking push them down or tell them that the answer to their woes lies in an early roll post, some transcendental psycho-babble, or even contact counting. No. Golden rule, mofos. Be brave, and fucking march over with your hand outstretched, help them up, and hold them up until they get their legs. That’s the most bad-ass thing you can do. Be brave, and take aim for them if you can. They’ll get their legs back, and they might just be there for you when you need it.

After all, that’s the most superhero thing you can do.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member wastepanel

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