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Magic Bookwell man i got a tell you there aint no majick formulas here. we all got are own things what work. some guy slike the fake dips. like that chewie guy and its worked grate for him and he’s like over 3 years quit. now that stuff dint work for me cause it was to eezy to slip back to the reel stuff. now i used them tomic fire balls when i wanted somethin in my mouth. and other dudes use seeds a some sort or nuther.

i inckerige you to reed lots a stuff round here. man lots a dudes asplain in there intros what they do and may be some a it will work for you. also reed the what to aspect sectshuns and the faqs.

now heres the importint part and if your goin to a ivy you shood be smart anuff to under stand. man evry thing you put in your mouth is a choise yiou make. aint no body gonna force dip in your pie hole. al-co-hol dont make you dip but it may make you stoopid so man i sugjest you stay way from it for a good wile.

your gonna go threw hell for a few days and your gonna be ajack ass to a lot a peeple. you can be a dick here cause we no bout it. man your fokes an if you got a girl man they wont no wyh your bein a dick so man if you git pissy eether rite it down here or in a jernle or some thin and when you think you wanna cave you reed what a big dick you were and how much the first days a qyuittin sucked and think bout how much you wanna go thru it agin. man we got some seriel quittres round here who must love bein dick heds. dont be one a them.

now some one what has some how to post stuff will prolly send you a messige then you gotta opst up and promiss you aint gonna dip to day. then you dont dip today. and you get up tomorow and do the same thing. and the day after. and so on.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Syndrome

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