Time To Turn the Page

Path to FreedomUnfortunately, the time has come for me to turn the page on this particular point in my quit.  I had every intention of just fading away, but it’s been mentioned that it wouldn’t be fair to all the folks that gave a bit of their quit to me and helped me be so successful.  I’ve been struggling on where to post this.  The thanks that I will offer belongs being seen, but I don’t want it to be grandstanding so a prominent place on the board is inappropriate.  That’s how it ended up here.

I can’t thank everyone at KTC enough for showing me how to handle my addiction.  I’ve been given some pretty powerful tools.  I couldn’t be more appriciative that Aquaman, Chewie, LDiddy, Loot, Remshot, SOS, and Whodey started this great community.  The no nonsense approach to quitting is exactly what I needed to be successful.  Thanks to everyone for holding me accountable to my word when I post roll.  Thanks for accepting my word when I came in and started posting roll at 72 days.  And most importantly, thanks for the kick in the ass whenever I need it.

I know that recently there have been many examples of bad things that happen as roll call and the community get further from the forefront of folks minds.  I haven’t discounted that in this decision.  I know that the board is there should I start thinking that “one” is okay.  I know I can go back and get my heaping helping of the Kool-Aid should I need it.  And I remember my promise to call each and every number in my phone before I allow any nic into my body.  On Thursday, I’m celebrating 3 YEARS quit.  There’s no way I’m giving that up on a bet.  At this point, a quick visit to the days calculator on the home page of is more than enough to fight off any thoughts of dipping.

I’m not really sure what’s made me come to this decision.  Maybe it’s getting back to my pre-quit weight.  Maybe it’s the need to be more efficient with my time.  But there is no question that knowing there are kick ass quitters that will always be at the ready to help at QSX has made the decision easy.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member 11×4

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