Why Are You So Opposed To Nicotine-Laced Alternatives?

Slave To Nicotine

The question of NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) and the concept of “harm reduction” comes up quite often on the KillTheCan.org forums and on the site.  Typically, the question gets raised by someone trying to throw numbers, studies and “proof” that nicotine and smokeless tobacco really isn’t that bad for you. … Continue reading

Day #3 Recap From The 2013 Smokeless & Spit Tobacco Summit

Wastepanel & Kdip In Missoula

KillTheCan.org forum moderators wastepanel & kdip attended the 7th National Smokeless & Spit Tobacco Summit last week in Missoula, Montana.  They provided this recap of the final day of the event. Day three of the summit continued the theme of the first two days. Big tobacco is still a big … Continue reading

Raging Against Big Tobacco – Targeting Our Children

Big Tobacco Children

The sad reality of the world we live in is that there is BIG money in Big Tobacco.  They’ve got billions of dollars to throw around in the form of advertising.  Over the last few years I think it’s safe to say that the general population is getting more in … Continue reading

Amazing Logic

USA Today

I recently ran across an article on the USA Today website titled Program urges smokers switch to smokeless tobacco.  I think it’s pretty obvious where I stand on this particular article so I won’t bother you with my thoughts on the “Switch and Quit” program director Brad Rodu who I think … Continue reading

Violent Content On KillTheCan.org?

Google Logo

As you may have noticed, we run Google ads at the bottom of our pages on KillTheCan.org and on this blog.  Believe me, this isn’t to get rich.  It’s merely to offset some of the costs of running the site, forums, live chat, etc.  We’ve had several offers to become … Continue reading

Thoughts On The Summit

KTC Conference

We got back from the National Smokeless Summit in Austin, Texas last night and I wanted to jot down some thoughts.  Klark has done the same thing over at Quit4Today.  This was the first time that KillTheCan.org has attended an event as an organization so I wasn’t quite sure what … Continue reading