Brick’s Hall of Fame – One Bearded Man’s Epic Battle With Nicotine

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Well, I think it’s time I finally put pen to paper… Hang with me here for a bit because this is going to be long, but I need to get this out. My name is bigrick_2u. What a dumb name. Foggy and not really caring about frivolous things like a … Continue reading

Sit Back, Relax, and Quit – It Ain’t Easy, But It’s Simple

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Hey, it’s Josh. You may know me as joshthel0ser, JTL, JTW, JTD, the self-appointed boob guy (or Joe, as someone once called during his distraction by my avatar ). I had no intentions of doing one of these, and honestly, I’m not sure this qualifies as a HOF speech. Which is fine, I just wanted to say some shit.  … Continue reading