Ode To 102 – a Message To Big Tobacco

Turok Son of Stone Issue 102

102 days that I’ve been free from the can. Been a long haul for sure, and I’m still NOT the “man”. By that I just mean, 100 days IS a lot, But there’s bad-asses like Chewie, STILL solid as a rock. I want my quit to matter, but not just … Continue reading

Ode To 101 – You Thought They Were Done?

Transformers Issue 101

I bet you thought the poems were all done? I bet you thought I did this for fun? Well let me tell you the reason behind, I’ve taken the time in writing these rhymes. They started back in the 60’s for me, I had no idea of what they would … Continue reading

100 Days….100 Words

Rawls avatar

Prayer Conscience Blind Mislead Lies Chains Spit Cups Bad Breath Expensive Selfish Stink Stained Withdrawals Shakes Excuses Stopping Failing Self medicating Pre Cancer Decay Guilty Procrastination Exaggeration Running Avoiding Sores Scared Tired Lost Mirror Truth Decision Flush Cold Turkey Scared Fog Confused 72 hours Mental Anxiety Out-of-body Suck Unfocused Frustrated … Continue reading

Ode To Day 97 – You Look Like a Fool

Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 97

Was talking with a bro ’bout how dumb dip is, How stupid we looked when puttin’ that shit in. Don’t know about you, but I thought it was cool, Even when my girl said, “you look like a fool”. Most of us dipped through nite and through day, The thought … Continue reading

Ode To Day 95 – Keep a Level Head

Windows 95

It’s been 95 days, and this needs to be said, My bros from KTC have helped me keep a level head. Sometimes its a post, or an intro I’ve seen, But they’re friendship and trust has helped keep me clean. Like my new friend, hokiehi last night said to me, … Continue reading