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Keep Your Quit Gauge on ‘Full’

Full Gas GaugeKill The Can (KTC) has a long legacy… The forums existed long before the discord server did, and we are at a point now where we need to cultivate leadership on the new platform going foward, and to also help our quitters who have recently hit the hall-of-fame protect their own quits now that the hype has worn down… Inspire others to get quit, be quit, and stay quit!

I took some time to reflect earlier today on what exactly a “Leader” is in the context of KTC. It shares some similarities with being a manager, or maybe a platoon commander in the military (If you’re on roll-call duty). Yet it is also very unique. We are all on a level ground so to speak. Everyone here are all  posting a 24 hour promise to not use nicotine. Regardless if you’re Day ‘8,000’ or Day ‘1’ we are all one bad mistake away from failing. So this presents us with a unique situation… Anyone can be a leader here.

So now you’re probably thinking ‘well to be a leader that would entail taking on some sort of responsibility on the server’. No, not really. You can be a leader by making sure you post your promise bright and early each day (Lead by example). You can be a leader by helping with your groups roll-call… See those newbies who are all getting placed into quit groups in the #Welcome-zone? Navigate to their quit-group, post your number there and if you have some time, answer a couple questions, or toss out some motivation.

Want to take it a step further? Strive for a Conductor, or Mentor position within the server. People notice those who go above the bare-minimum. It is also very rewarding to help save people’s lives, because that is what we do here. Not to mention your personal story, or aura could save someone’s quit who is struggling.

If you go out and try to stay ‘active’ with your own quit, you will keep your gauge on full. If you allow yourself to slip into late posting, or post-and-ghost for to long your quit armor will slowly start to rust and corrode over time… unless you’re some sort of savage then in that case by all means you most likely have some days stacked up and know what works for you.

For the rest of us, and the folks just coming out of Hall-of-Fame month, being active on the server is never a bad idea. KTC is the hallowed halls of quit. Reading about the suffering of a new guy posting a Day 3 is a stark reminder to cherish your quit with everything you’ve got. Make some friends here, and exchange digits with the one’s you like/trust. It will be a security blanket in times of need.., Maybe try actually calling them just to break the ice on a good day, that way when the storm hits you have a brother/sister to call who will help you navigate it.

If you let the fire die, it will surely die. Add some fuel to it daily. Do something small for the server even if you don’t feel like it. You’ve worked this hard, why toss it away now? Who knows you might very well inspire someone to stay quit another day. A warrior should never die with one of his weapons sheathed. Utilize the tools here at the discord and live to fight another day. PTBQWY.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan community member EV

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