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Quit For Good – One-Way Ticket On the HOF Train

KTC Logo Purple BlueWow, the first 100 days was an incredible journey. As most of you know, who know anything about me, I have dipped for a very long time (35 years) and in my intro I stated that this is my “one and only quit” because I never really tried to quit before. I was never ready. My wife always wanted me to quit. She begged me to quit. I was selfish in only thinking about what I wanted. I decided that this year I was going to give up tobacco for Lent. For many years I thought about it but knew that was not an easy one to give up so I gave up ice cream or something lame like that. So much for sacrifice. I didn’t go in thinking I would give it up forever. Well guess what, early on I found KTC and everything changed. I was immediately welcomed as a brother into the group and the rest is history. I knew for this to work I had to have the right mindset, needed to stay involved and keep my word. That’s it, just those three things and here I am. Was it easy. Hell no it wasn’t easy. If it wasn’t for the many friends I have made on KTC and the KTC community in general, I am not sure I would have made it this far. The cancer scares when I got mouth sores after quitting, the fog and cravings and in general the overall suck of quitting. Always someone to talk me through it and assure me it is normal.

Notice I say this far. That’s important because unfortunately this quit journey has just begun. I (like you) am an addict and the nic bitch can come back and get us as soon as we let our guard down. HOF is a milestone, not an end. There are now many milestones ahead, such as the next floor (200 days). Too many have walked away from KTC after reaching HOF status thinking they can do this on their own and caved. Now is the time to help newbies join and to help them stay quit. There is nothing more rewarding to me then to help a newbie get over the fear of quitting and signing up. What a rush, much more than any dip ever gave me. Pay it forward my friend.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member MadDog59

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7 years ago

Congrats everyone. I’m on day 3 now and it’s getting better. One thing I’ve learned about this nic bitch is she doesn’t care where you’re from or what color you are. I am a 41 year old African American and dipped for 13 years. I played minor league baseball for 7-years and that’s where it all started. It continued after baseball because it was still a connection to the sport.
Now it’s time to quit. We have an 8 month old girl. She’s more important than the nic bitch. I would appreciate it if some of you would reach out during this journey. My email address is Haltiwangerg@yahoo.com. God Bless

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