2017 HOF Speeches

Take the Blinders Off

KTC Logo - RedWell here I am at day 108…Wow…I fully believe I would have never made it this far without this band of Brothers. The blinders are finally off, I know I am not cured but the cloud is finally lifting and I now realize I can do it! Looking back I really don’t know how I could of scooped that shit in my mouth for 20 years.

On a serious note I ask myself, how would you explain to your two sons why you had to have your jaw hacked off or why u are losing teeth….There is no way in hell I could say well boys dad did this to himself…Y? That’s a damn good question, why would u do something to kill yourself…There it is that’s where the term addiction comes in….Like a disease once u start u can’t stop….There is no way I could tell them that so that’s what brought me here…

I’m not much of a writer so I think I will be on my way….But before I go I would like to sincerely thank each and every one of u guys and girls that have commented on something, posted support day after day for me, or just plain chewed my dumb ass for being stupid! Thank you all!

Rock on May 17!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Justin j

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