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The Basic KTC Playbook

KTC Playbook

Keith0617 (Jan 19) penned this nugget of brilliance in our Discord community recently and shared it with the newer quitters in our midst. He absolutely nails it!

KTC Playbook Keith 8.23.2022
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Basic Playbook for KTC:

Wake Up Piss Post (WUPP) – helpful to battle craves if you have posted your promise early in the day. If you have an issue posting your promise early in the day, reach out to a quit brother or sister and ask for a pickup. This shouldn’t be a common occurrence.

Wake up and repeat WUPP daily.

Exchange digits – every quitter should have numbers. Can every quitter be contacted by multiple group members?

Set a post deadline – example 1pm EST – be mindful of time zones – if you post late own it and acknowledge. You signed up for accountability. Brothers and sisters need to be checking roll throughout the morning to know if they are missing fellow quitters. If so, hunt them down.
What are you doing to help the group? Are you updating SSOA? Are you posting and ghosting? Do you track that your sisters and brothers have posted? Chase, Support, and hold each other accountable. If nothing else, post early so no one has to chase you down, thus creating more work for others.

Build relationships. Everyone’s goal is to be nicotine free but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t develop relationships. Strong relationships go along way in supporting your quit.

NOTE: This piece written by community member Keith0617

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