Benefits of Quitting Smoking on Students’ Productivity

Absolutely No Smoking
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Every year, 7.7 million die from smoking worldwide. In the United States, smoking claims up to half a million deaths annually. These are staggering figures. Despite a decline of 21% in the incidence of smoking in the U.S. over the last 15 years, some 16 million Americans continue to live with some form of a smoking-related illness.

If these stats are not stark enough to prompt you to quit, consider the proven positive effects on your productivity if you manage to overcome your addiction. These benefits are scientifically proven, and millions of people across the globe have seen their productivity, quality of life, and careers improve as a result of quitting.

Life is indeed too short to be wasted through bad habits. Take a look at what you stand to gain if you quit or what you stand to lose if you don’t.

Physical health benefits

The obvious benefit is related to improved physical health and decreased risk of lung cancer. Medical science has long proven that smoking is directly correlated with increased cancer threats, so it is myopic and foolish to keep exposing yourself to them.

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If you decide to write your papers yourself, you will see positive improvements in your productivity shortly after you quit. With improved sleep patterns, better breathing, and a better sense of self-esteem, you will soon start thinking that the sky’s the limit.

Better mood

Those who quit report improvements in wellness and mood after they are through the withdrawal symptoms and initial cravings. It’s hard to concentrate on your studies if you are constantly driven by your bad habits. Better focus, drive, and result-oriented approach are among the benefits you will see in your productivity.

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More energy

Research shows that smoking cessation is directly correlated with replenished energy levels. There is a proven inverse relationship between less smoking and more vigor and zeal.

Shortly after quitting, you will see how revitalized and energized you start feeling. The impact on how much and how effectively you can produce will be amazing. Improved cognitive skills will start delivering better intellectual results as your logical and critical thinking capacity is enhanced.

Incentive to stick to healthy lifestyle

If you feel you are addicted to smoking, find a new addition. This time, go for a healthy one. Whether it is working out in the gym, hiking, cooking, or doing podcasts, find a pastime that makes you happy. You will immediately see how your essay writing, critical thinking, presentation, and other study-related skills start to improve.

Pick whatever you enjoy most regardless of your skill level. Go for team sports or joint activities to socialize more. Before you know it, you will see your productivity levels shoot up.

Final Thoughts

Smoking is one of those bad habits that can no longer be justified by lame excuses, such as a lack of willpower, peer pressure, or an innocuous weakness. Millions of people have already proven it is doable. Their experience is also a testament to tangible and proven benefits for students’ increased productivity, improved quality of life, and better mood.

This is one of the decisions that will make you proud when you look back on it years later. Waste no time on misleading preparations; make up your mind and just do it! You will enjoy the benefits on your productivity for the rest of your life.


Joanne Elliot has a proven track record in studying and reviewing the influence of unhealthy lifestyle habits on academic performance. Years ago, she used to be a heavy smoker herself. Hardly anyone else knows it better than Joanne how detrimental smoking can be and what it takes to quit.

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